Art Deco: A Beautiful Remembrance

June 18, 2015

Exotic glam. That’s how you could describe this style. Art Deco was a movement that emerged in the 20’s, coming to popularity in the 30’s. It was a style that combined both arts and architecture. Modernism found in new skyscrapers, cars, and homes was morphed and utilized to create a sense of fashion that could equal to the wealth and sophistication held by those who could afford this new modern lifestyle. During this interwar period industrialization increased exponentially which inevitably changed style. People steered away from the sleek and sloping lines of Art Noveau and towards a more systematic, symmetric technologically appreciative style. suzvendome
In the present day technology is a common part of life. Cell phones, laptops and tablets fill the hands, desks and backpacks of the world. Everywhere you go technology is changing the way we live, making it cleaner, faster, and more efficient. The architecture of our time reflects this with sleek lines, smooth surfaces and, clean edges. Art Deco in the 21st century is still combining both art and architecture, the old and the new. These Suzanne Dai pieces are inspired by old world travel but with a modern flair. suzkilimanjaro
Art Deco was about anti-traditional style, breaking the molds that had been set prior to the rapid industrialization following the First World War. These pieces from the Suzanne Dai collection take Deco to a new level. Instead of pulling from her own society, Suzanne became inspired by her exotic travels and the diverse cultures she encountered. With her own Texan background, inevitably surrounded by modern technology, she was given the special opportunity to merge these two very different cultural qualities into beautiful pieces that represent the ancient and the advanced. suzbahiacuff
With intricate embellishments and a meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a love of beading and stones, these pieces are both classical and glamorous. Unmistakably original, the color and placement of the stones, the choices of shape and texture, all cooperate to form illustrious trinkets which are also lightweight and easy to wear. These drop earrings are made from glass, rhinestones, and beads. Three very different products that when put together, create something quirky, dramatic, and fit for the runway.
Art Deco was a style that came and went, but its mission prevailed. The art of combining the old and the new has preserved through time and remains a common motif in a time where the past seems to feel farther away. Technology pulls us into the future and leaves our dusty and troubled history behind. But Art Deco worked to forge the two in order to create something new. These pieces do much the same. In a time when technology allows quick global communication, dispersing ideas and beliefs far and wide from areas previously remote and unknown, this jewelry combines both the old and other world with the ‘new world’ and its ideals. Take a look at these glamorously decorated pieces that will put a unique glitz into your chest of keepsakes.

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