Designers We Love: Nick Hazel

June 25, 2015

Twenty years ago Nick Hazel, the designer behind Nikolas Alan, dived into the jewelry business and has yet to reemerge. He always had a love of stones since boyhood, a passion that is reflected in the unique designs of his jewelry. Hazel found beauty in the products he could pull straight from the earth, which could be beautifully set to create an exquisite piece of jewelry. As a lover of hands on activities and the act of creating, he spent much of his time digging into the earth, learning about the rocks and minerals below while also crafting and creating with his findings.
As most know, the beauty of college is the convergence of so many topics under one roof. After a recent visit to Texas State for my younger sister’s orientation, they proudly claimed 5,000 different possible degrees for just one school. For Nick, college finally provided him with an outlet that mixed the different passions he held. He found a Geology class that not only taught on the rocks he loved, but focused on precious gems and minerals with an emphasis on hands-on stone cutting. Condolezza Rice attributes her career in politics to an International Politics class she took in college. For Nick, that was this class. He continued to cut and mold which eventually led him to Jewelry school, and his journey to becoming a Master Jeweler.
As you’ve seen with these designs from the Nikolas Alan collection, he is inspired by history and architecture, landscapes and crystal formations of nature, and by the unique patterns, colors and textures that define other cultures, often using materials and minerals from his travels to include in specific designs. He recognizes the natural beauty found within the earth, and the ways in which each culture utilizes and shapes it to fit their own societies and ways of life.
In 2013 Nick finally realized his dream to create a designer line: The Men’s Collection. This line encompassed a broad but beautiful array of inspirations from landscape topography to the arched window of an old European building. But he didn’t forget about jewelry for women, who some could say have the highest appreciation for a crisp cut diamond or polished pearl. The medley ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,’ comes to mind. However, with his women’s’ collection he took on a more old world approach, coupled with contemporary gems. The vintage look with contemporary gemstones creates pieces that are both feminine and commanding, harkening back to a time of royalty and prestige.


Nick Hazel resides in Austin, TX, stone cutting and hand crafting his beautiful creations. His love for gems and minerals has not been extinguished and he continues to produce original and unique pieces reflective of his travels and encounters with cultures that have had a lasting impact on him. Alan has amazed the jewelry world and blessed the shelves of boutiques with his lovely creations for the past two decades and we don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

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