The Joy of Color

July 29, 2015

Colors come bursting forth during the blooming summer months. Neon colors are popular this summer, contrasted against darker tones like navy blue and black. With a sun kissed tan or those blessed with naturally browned skin, those bright pinks and oranges really pop. They’ll have you strutting through the sand like a beautifully packaged basket of summer. Today we simply wanted to put some of those colors on display. It’s always a triumph when you perfectly combine different shades to achieve the perfect look, but we can’t forget the quality of the single color.
Sometimes maintaining the same color is just as fun as a conglomerate of them. A sea of blue rather than alternating stripes or a color block. It’s really up to you and whatever you’re feeling that day, adventurous or simple chic, eclectic or cool and collected. Fads are always emerging and disappearing months at a time, but always remember that constructing an outfit of the day centers on what makes you comfortable. If you want to rock your favorite color then you go right ahead.
Choosing to stay with one color scheme can send a message just as much as joining different colors. Each color speaks to the eye, whether it’s the joy of yellow, the serenity of green, the class of black, or the royalty of purple, your choice of color says something. So basking yourself in purple might say you’re feeling like you could rule England.
Or basking yourself fin green could evoke a sense of confidence and calm. Green, the most common color associated with the earth conveys life and balance. There’s something beautifully overwhelming about seeing a sea of red roses or a meadow of brilliant yellow sunflowers. The abundance of one singular color forces you to recognize the quality of it. So when you’re choosing your color scheme for the day, don’t be afraid to focus on one color, and then maybe tomorrow another, and then after that you can mix it all up. That’s the beauty of jewelry, the freedom to create a look however you want. Happy coloring!


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