Fashion Forward : Staying Up and Ahead

August 20, 2015

Years before Pablo was recognized as a revolutionary artist, many believed he was a flop and a failure. His paintings were a far cry from spectacular and were small in comparison to the renowned Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, both greats among the world of artistry. Sadly, Pablo Picasso would not be truly recognized as he deserved until after his death, as some things go. Nonetheless he was praised for his unique and progressive style which gave the world a new perspective on many aspects of life. To change the world, or even just the jewelry or fashion world, you have to think ahead. Perhaps people won’t respect you at first, but forward thinking will last longer than the moment.
Those who are fashion forward stay on top of and alter the trends that we see scroll after scroll through social media. Innovation, creativity, imagination, all are necessary in order to take a step beyond what’s appreciated in the present. We won’t call ourselves the judging hand of forward and innovative fashion, but we’d like to say we have enough experience in the field to recognize that innovation, and to encourage you to see and try the same thing in your own wardrobe. These drop earrings are beautiful example of a way to shake things up. creative1
By both drawing on the organics of the past and keeping in mind the industrious quality of the future, marvelous things will happen. This peach druzy ring, incorporates not only silver but oxidized sterling silver, complemented by gold, which at one time was seen as a fashion no-no. With these sleek lines and the druzy’s raw like exterior this gem harbors visions of the past while sleek lines convey concepts of our present day and days to come. The asymmetrical style of the stone dismisses the traditional perception of beauty and is a stunning representation of fashion’s journey so far.

These jewels may not be everybody’s style, and you don’t have to be flamboyant to be fashion forward. The reimplementation of the skinny jean was a simple nip tuck of the flare jean and a tug out of the history cabinets, and it’s been around ever since. Just like fashion forward jewelry can be a simple gem drop earring with little patterns and designs that separate it from its predecessors. You don’t have to be extravagant, but we encourage you to try new designs, pieces you might not normally wear. You ever hear someone say, ‘I was doing that before…’ or ‘I totally started that….” Well we say stretch out those fashion finger tips and explore the many designs awaiting you. Challenge yourself, and see if you just might start the next trend.


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