Top 10 Instagram Posts : August

September 3, 2015

If you’re not a star studded celebrity with four equally glamorous sister, or a child musical sensation with 1 billion views on your first music video, or even a self-proclaimed model made famous by a hip hop star and now worshipped by millions from the pool of fans, than you know what it’s like not to expect a minimum of 500,000 likes per picture. Here at Eliza Page we also don’t bask in the glory of a dizzying Instagram newsfeed, but we do have our fans. And they help us see what’s liked, and what’s not. They reveal the trends and what’s gong though the bends. And we’re sure we’re not the only ones who look at posts with the most liked to see what’s most in, so we thought we’d just place some of our top posts here! If you’re new to Eliza Page you’ll get to see some of our hottest commodities, what people are attracted to these days, and also the different variety we have here in the store. So, without further ado, our Top Ten Instagram posts for the month of August!

You can’t lose with these cute and tiny gold and diamond treasures. They’re small enough to be casual but thoughtfully designed to fit with those dressier occasions as well. These beauties were created by Halleh Jewelery, Jodi Rae Designs, Shaesby, and Daniela Rivkah

It’s obvious why these elegant rings were a top runner among the August posts. With sapphire and diamonds exquisitely placed into beautifully rendered gold, things rings exude vintage charm. Adel Chefridi never fails to amaze us with his thoughtful designs that slip coolly and beautifully onto our waiting fingers.
Pink crystal quartz! Waiting to be wrought into beautiful creations by our hardworking and creative designers. Gemstone rings are beautiful, but the more rarely seen gemstones in their natural state are truly something to be admired. Instagram, we agree.

These simple and sweet diamond jewels are not a surprise favorite. They’re easy go to jewelry for the first day of school, a first date, or the first day at a new job. Whichever the occasion their sure to mirror your sparkle. Made with love by Eliza Page.

Wouldn’t you have loved to find these hiding in the dirt when you were a kid! For anyone who used to crack open a stone and find the glittering layers insides fascinating, these would have made your day. We’d say there’s room to add in the ‘earth tone’ category.

Mixing and matching your jewelry is always a way to add on an extra level of creativty to your accessorizing and ultimately your whole ensemble. Here we’ve mixed up Polly Wales, Halleh Jewelry, Communion by Joy, Zoe Chicco Jewelry, Shaesby, and Rebecka Froberg Jewelry.

There isn’t much need to explain why this instagram post was a favorite. Rings by Kataoka and Shaesby, it’s glamour and chic melded perfectly together.

These eye popping opal rings by talented designer Jamie Joseph would make even the strongest of girls swoon. We’d completely understand if you felt the need to wear them all at once!

Another example of the love for gold and diamonds. These pieces were thoughtfully made by designers Shaesby, Megan Thorne, and Kataoka, and are sure to compliment any willing fingers or necklines.

INSTAGRAM195 Instagramer zitazalai commented on this post that she wanted them all, and we understand completely. We are in love with the colorful designs of all these designers. Polly Wales, Rosedale Fine Jewelry, and Ila Collection all have a unique knack with colored gemstones that makes your pockets start to burn.


We hope you enjoyed the sample of our collection. If you’d like to see more we’d love to have you here at Eliza Page!

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