Making a Statement feat. Gemstone Rings

September 17, 2015

Stackable rings are an ongoing and much loved trend by shoppers everywhere and, of course, here at Eliza Page. Give us a couple delicate loops, and we’re in love. However, statement jewelry is an historic trend that we also know and love. Large pieces of well-made jewelry-think the Heart of the Ocean in Titanic- have been used for ages to convey messages about the wearer. Going back 75,000 years when perforated seashells were used for adornment, the shells were transformed from simple ocean products to a statement. Weather it was social status, artistic display, or a personal meaning, the shells had new use and significance. Within the modern day jewelry franchise seashells have been replaced with gemstones. Bold pieces like a large white opal ring or a thick cut of labradorite can perfectly accentuate an outfit. But there are hundreds of gems to choose from in different shapes and sizes to mold perfectly to your personal preferences.


Jamie Josephs’ newest collection are classic examples of the wide variety available. Jamie hand selects and hand crafts each piece to ensure a timeless and elegant piece of jewelry. These eye catching gems as seen below are set organically in rich gold and fine silver, making them perfect for a statement piece. Jamie Joseph’s passion for stones is plainly seen in her color choices and when set up side by side, it feels just a little like you might be looking into the lost loot of a pirate’s coveted treasure chest. It’s no surprise with Joseph’s delicate technique and meticulous care for each piece that these pieces go quickly. And Jamie’s craftsmanship is meant to last. These rings wont turn color or out of style. They were mean to make a statement that would last for years to come. Style that is literally set in gorgeously cut stones.

Celebrities are constantly on the face of magazines solely to display their massive engagement rings. Be it Kate Middleton’s sapphire diamond heirloom, Kim Kardashian’s eight million diamond ship anchor, or Lady Gaga’s massive heart shaped diamond ring,  it’s ‘the bigger the better’. And if you look closely their accesorization seems scant. But that wouldn’t be correct. The glittering truth is that their gems make a statement. These rings are big enough and bold enough to carry the weight of all accessorizing. And though smaller gems have their own charm, the detail you might miss with a slighter stone is clearly seen in these statement rings. The different layers within the precious stones are put on display, as seen in the two skillfully crafted tourmaline rings below. The physical qualities are magnified and you can see the inspiring product of nature’s processes. We care about beautiful jewelry. Jewelry that is made with time, patience, and a passion for art! It’s why we love these large stone rings!
Whatever the occasion, bold statement pieces add that last bit of flare you might need.  They’re the outward presence of your inward self confidence. The boldness of the piece also means you don’t have to worry about adding on much more jewelry. Just one brilliant necklace, or one stunning ring, and you’ve got yourself a date night outfit. Take a glimpse at the Oscars or the Met Gala and you’ll see a celebrity with only one or two fine pieces. Allow whichever statement piece you chose to do all the work and wait for the compliments to roll in.

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