New York, New York: Eliza Page Travels

September 24, 2015

All over the world people talk about it. Towering sky scrapers packed together for miles. The beautiful twinkling skyline gracing the edges of the Hudson River, extending breathtakingly far beyond into the five boroughs. Far over the Pacific in neighboring continents, travelers almost instinctively add it to their list. Tickets prices sky rocket as the New Year approaches. With a dangling promise of opportunity, it isn’t a surprise New York was the city that welcomed millions of immigrants, creating a metropolis of culture and innovation. The city was and is, one of the most famous cities in the world. Residents can assure you that Times Square is full of tourists, not New Yorkers. New York! The Big Apple, the Concrete Jungle, the City that never sleeps. Many names and they’re all true. And we recently had a reason to visit! Needless to say it was a blast, and we brought back pictures and product to commemorate the visit and beauty up Eliza Page shelves.

New York is the home of many landmarks in more ways than one. Geographical locations such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building are sure markers of the city’s grandeur. But you also have locations like Tiffany’s, which inspired a classic Audrey Hepburn film, that also find their home in the city. Since we love a beautiful and well-crafted jewel just as much as the next girl, maybe even a little more, the Tiffany jewels on display at the MET were absolute eye candy. This pair of necklaces were some of our special favorites. The first is a gorgeous Alexandrite gemstone necklace and the other a jaw dropping moonstone, sapphire, and platinum necklace from 1910 that will have your neck tingling. Tiffany’s truly lived up to its legacy with these exquisite creations.

Alongside the MET we attended the New York Gift show! Here we found a wide array of treasures, making our mission of selecting new pieces that much harder. But with gems like these, we left with a ton of inspiration to keep our creating juices flowing. The first were diamond engagement rings found at the show that would make a girl forget she needed to say ‘Yes!’ The following are charming and lovely pieces developed by Mociun, leaving no room to wonder why she’s known for her stone cluster rings.

And these few beauties we’re the most excited about because they followed us home! These classic gems created by the skilled Communion by Joy were a confident pick. With what Joy terms modern vintage with a bohemian flare, alongside names like The Rapture Ring and Star Radiance, these rings will easily become your next go to piece. The following, brilliant geometrics by Rosedale Fine Jewelry, truly live up to their name. Sleek lines, thoughtful colors, how could we leave them behind? NewYorkJewels3

Though our trip to the majestic New York came to an end, we were happy to get back home to Austin. Our city has a charm and spunk of its own that brings in visitors from all over too! Those who have lived her for a while can attest to that. We have new selections at the store and with the inspiration provided from the Met, the gift shop, and New York itself, we’ve also got exciting plans for new and lovely designs we think you’ll enjoy.

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