Top Ten Instagram Posts: October

October 4, 2015

Finally, we Texans can step out in the early morning with the hint of need for a sweater, light as it may be. With morning temperatures as low as sixty four, and evenings a cool seventy, that cool breeze seems to say that fall is just around the corner. Cardigans, fur boots, cozy hats, and layered rings under soft and fuzzy gloves, we invite you. We’re in the first week of October and though Sept 23 is the first true day of fall, we think it’s safe to say October’s weather has truly made us feel the first tinges of autumn. And now that it’s here, we can look back over September and see once again the top posts on Instagram! If you’re fashion forward and like to see what’s trending, this post is for you!
Like last month, loose jewels were an Instagram favorite. Maybe it’s the natural beauty of the stones before they go through the creative process and are turned into our beloved jewelry. Maybe it’s the limitless possibilities the stones hold. Maybe it’s because you know you’re looking at real diamonds and sapphires. And though you don’t know the exact process, you are aware you’re looking at something amazing. Gemstones, which are the grand and somewhat miraculous production of a highly microscopic crystal structure, are some of the Earth’s most precious products. Some people say they’re ‘just another rock’, but they’re much more than that. Diamonds, because of their rigid lattice, can be contaminated by very few properties and are incredibly hard due to unique covalent bonding. At the sight of these loose stones, you see the physical representation of intricate internal qualities. You see the beauty that thousands of years ago, drew people underground and sparked the fire in the hearts and hands of jewelers across the globe!
These watermelon tourmalines are just another example of the beauty of nature. In striking blends of ‘watermelon’ colors, they are literal eye candy!
And of course gemstones don’t come right out of the ground looking like this. These beauties are gemstones skillfully cut by Top Notch Faceting. With the proper angles, light is reflected through the stone, resulting in the beautiful sparkle you see above. Cutting is used to maximize the brilliance of a stone, which is why we love Top Notch Faceting! And this month, so did Instagram!

We’d say ‘I Do’ to these glittering Shaesby designed bridal rings. They’re more than just jewelry, but instead wearable art.


These alternative engagement rings were thoughtfully crafted by Ila & I, Eliza Page, and the talented Megan Thorne! If you’re looking for something timeless and unique, one of these beauties would love a new home on your finger.

Go Back to Black with these lovely Eliza Page engagement ring designs. In pear and cushioned shapes, these halo set diamond rings are perfect for those looking for a beautiful non-traditional route.

With colorful center rosecut diamonds and sparkling diamond halos, these newest additions to the Eliza Page collection are stunners in their own right.

And last but never least, September felt yet again more love for Shaesby designs. Reflections of his artistic background, his pieces are an innovative fusion of art and fusion.


Thank you always for your support and we love any feedback. We hope that your October has started well and finishes beautifully!

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