Editors Pick : Top 5 Rings

October 9, 2015

There is almost too much jewelry out there. Millions, probably billions of rings and bracelets and earrings, strings of necklaces and whatever else that’s used to adorn the body. You can look on line and be absolutely overwhelmed by the amount that is available to you. But for now, I’m just going to refer to Eliza Page, and my favorites within the four white walls of the 2nd Street boutique. Styles are always changing. They’ve gone back to the 80’s the 70’s, taken a stop at the 90’s, while always making sure to add a 21st century flare. Eliza Page has the special pleasure of housing over 30 different designers, some local, others sourced from France and New York, but all skillful and passionate craftsmen and women. You would think that narrowing the field would make it easier to choose top contenders, but it doesn’t. Though they are only 30, they’re individual styles and artistic personalities make the choices incredibly varied and the competition close. But despite the beautiful obstacles I was able to pick my favorites, and apologize to all the lovelies that were left behind. But, only in spirit. I’m still wearing them in spirit.blackonyx bluering diamondblackring light pink amethyst ringkataoka

1. This black Black onyx disc ring by Ginette NY is my all time favorite because of the jet black of the onyx. I love the purity of the black. The true black color, matched perfectly with 18k rose gold, gives the illusion that if you reached out to touch the onyx, your finger would just slip right through instead. The magical qualities of this ring are why it is my top choice.
2. The colors of this Elizabeth Crandall creation were immediate eye candy. The mix of turquoise with pyrite inclusions set in 14k sterling silver, were the formula to a ring that I would wear to dinner, to a date, to class, and want to show off at the gym.
3. There really is no need to explain this choice, except to say that the stone you see is a stunning .69 carat white sapphire surrounded by delicate black diamonds perfectly placed in a bed of 14k yellow recycled gold. Yes I thought you would agree.
4. This Light pink amethyst ring by Nikolas Alan is a different style than the previous three, but it was also why I had to choose it. The pink amethyst stone looks like a delicious and expensive piece of candy, and set in the thick piece of oxidized silver it harkens back to an older time when the sleek lines of sky scrapers would be replaced with sturdy homes and cars with the strong legs of horses. I absolutely love the thought put into the metal and cut of the stone. It’s an exquisite mix of industry and organic in this Alan piece that I would wear time and time again.
5. Kataoka’s piece I love for almost the opposite. It’s the light, ethereal structure of this diamond ring that caught my eye. The diamond design, properly titled ‘seven stone’, appear snowflake like and fit for the slender finger of a Greek goddess. Both delicate and strong, this 18 k gold ring called on my love for mythology, and made its appearance in my top five most likely with the help of Olympian power.

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