Fearless Leader Elizabeth Gibson

October 22, 2015

Obviously if you’re here you know the name Eliza Page. It’s bolted tight above the door on 2nd Street. You may have been inside, seen the jewelry, emptied your pockets. Whether you’ve done one or all three, you’ll know by now what a beautiful jewelry experience is like. But you might not know the beautiful person behind it very well. Her name is Elizabeth Gibson. She started the store because of her love for jewelry and a desire to give to the community. Not only does she enjoy making her own creations, but she respects the talents and gifts of her fellow peers. So much so that she thought it would be a good idea—and we believe it was a great one—to have a special place to showcase special jewelry by incredibly special designers. And now we call that lovely little boutique at the beginning of the beautiful Austin downtown, home.


Elizabeth takes great care with her jewelry child. She not only manages her own collection but makes sure to spend time and care with other designers that are hosted in the store. Though large chain stores have their use, unlike those where designers may simply send in their products and never know any of the employees or people running the store, Elizabeth makes it a point to meet with designers and get to know them personally. Designers know exactly who their dealing with and who is representing them. No matter what your profession, or even if you don’t have a job, we all know the importance of the people that represent us. Elizabeth is a woman you’re proud to call your rep, your boss, your peer, or your friend.





Jewelry is more than an accessory to Elizabeth but a passion, an element of life that has had a significant existence since B.C times. So Ms. Gibson travels. The Tuscon gemstone show, the New York exhibit, various trunk shows, she’s there. She wants Eliza Page to have the best, so that you have the best to choose from. We know going from store to store only to leave unsatisfied can be a frustrating experience. Elizabeth has 30 plus designers –and she’s always on the lookout for new talent—to give her customers, or jewel hunters, an experience that will leave you inspired and perhaps with a new beauty for your own collection.



So, next time you go to Eliza Page and you see all the different designs, all the beautiful gemstones and clear evidence of designers who truly care about their work, remember the woman who helps keep it all together. The one who had the marvelous idea to create a one of a kind space where you could find shelves of truly remarkable selections nestled on a quaint street in the beautiful and burgeoning downtown Austin.

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