Throwback Thursday: The Design Process

October 29, 2015

Anyone who has seen a good throwback Thursday knows why the weekly hashtag trend has become so popular. A perfectly cheesy gap toothed throwback from childhood or an embarrassing glamour shot from middle school, or maybe even a photo that wasn’t so bad in high school, but fashion has changed drastically in the last ten years. Contrast this against a photo perfectly in tune with the times aka beautifully filtered, in fashion, and obvious physical changes from the previous photo, and bam, you’re bound to hit that target 11 likes necessary to eliminate the name list. People are fascinated with change, whether negatively or positive, it intrigues them. Glaciers then and now, cities then and now, people then and now, fashion then and now, it’s interesting to see the change. And since our specialty is jewelry, we happen to be positively fascinated with the jewelry process. From the thoughtful beginning, to the jaw dropping end.
Whether you’re a writer, a musician, and artist, or an architect, if you create, you know what’s it’s like to get that first idea. It sparks in your head, moves down to your hand, and flows out to a piece of paper, a napkin, or whatever you might have close by. It’s a first draft. Then you move on to your second or third…working towards a grand production. You even learn this in school! Essay writing is a perfect example. But in jewelry, though we might be biased, we believe the process is just a tad bit more beautiful. That ‘draft’ as you might call it, the mere drawings of a talented jeweler, is the blue print of something bigger, something more.
To someone viewing the drawing without the piece of jewelry by its side, it’s just a pretty drawing. They don’t get to see the brilliance of the colors, the shine of the metal, the cut or true sparkle of the gem. And all though some designers draft more meticulously then others, it’s never the real thing. A picture is worth a thousand words, sure, but most can agree that having the person right in front of you is just a tad bit different. And in this case, finally having the finished product will make you greatly appreciate that ‘first draft.’
To see a picture turned into something so beautiful, is to see the creation of a work of art! Designers are sculptors, and the product following these sketches reveal their skill and expertise, the eye they have for art and beauty. Some drawings may seem simple, an ‘I could do it’ simple, but when you finally see the finished product, and realize the work that was put into it, you have a new understanding for what it means to be a jewelry designer.


Throwback Thursdays are one of the most popular trends on social media. They show the progression from one point in time to another. The bigger the leap the better! These jewelry blueprints do just that. Showing the jewelry from one point of its life, before it was made, to another point, finished, polished and ready to be flaunted. While scrolling through a designers’ page there was a shot of drawings and it got me thinking about all the unseen behind jewelry making. It takes imagination, passion, and hard work to be a great designer, and we wanted to showcase those qualities with these ‘rough drafts.’ I hope you enjoy them just as much as I did and become inspired.

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