Communion By Joy at Eliza Page

November 11, 2015



The first definition of communion on Merriam-Webster is ‘an act or instance of sharing.’ Webster lists other definitions as well, but each instance involves some act of sharing. Communion by Joy could then be seen as Joy sharing with us. Sharing her vision, her imagination, her skill and talent. Communion by Joy consists of pieces that are the product of Joy Smith’s artistic background coupled with her love of ‘nature and the mystery behind the veil of life.” While in an art gallery she realized she wanted to be the face behind the art and we are incredibly thankful for that fateful day. Joy has produced jewelry that fit perfectly into our present style here in the 21st century and will continue to dazzle for years to come. Her pull from nature ensures a lasting quality in her pieces and pulls viewers and acclaim from all over.



Joys use of lost-wax casting is what gives hers pieces that unmatched characteristic. After dabbling in painting and drawing she took a course in the process and became hooked. She heralded the techniques flexibility with sculpting as the key reason for adapting the process as her go-to for her pieces. She enjoys the freedom to truly create pieces that reflect her values and passions such as femininity, nature, and spirituality. Before she begins working on a particular piece she meditates. Any life coach, pastor, psychiatrist, therapist, good friend, or plumber could tell you that clearing your mind will help clear the pathway for good flow. In Joy’s case she’s searching for the artistic juice, allowing herself to be used as a creative vessel. And once again we’re thankful. Communion by Joy designs have been a big hit not only here in Austin, but all over jewelers, stylists, and passersbys are equally intrigued.



With just a look at her designs you can be sure you’d be getting a one of a kind piece. You won’t find this quality in store bought pieces. Jewelry chains have their place and use, but it’s an indisputable fact that designers like Joy Smith create pieces that do more than just give you something pretty to put on your finger or clasp in your ear. They give you a symbol, a representation of a thought or value or idea. The idea that you appreciate nature, you value passion, and you believe in the mystery that surrounds us all. Communion by Joy will be having a trunk show this weekend and if you’re interested in more than just jewelry, but wearable art by a worthy designer, than come check out Joy Smith and designs down on 2nd street Austin.

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