Jewelry TLC, How to Give Your Beauties Long Life

November 30, 2015

Though the hubbub of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday have passed, that special Christmas brouhaha, will enthusiastically and quickly take its place. As usual the decorations and lights were out weeks ago, but now the shoppers have come as well! Shoppers mean gifts. And in the piles of delicately wrapped gifts, there just might be waiting a little sparkly something for you. A beautiful locket, a cuff of silver, or maybe five golden rings. Whatever lay inside that velvety box, we’d agree you’re eager to keep it for a very long time and in good shape. Seeing as how they’re cost is determined according to their individual cut and shine, no one likes a lackluster diamond. As jewelers, we would like to help keep your beauties in pristine condition. And these methods aren’t restricted to Christmas gifts. They can be used now, on your current pieces. So without further ado, here is a way to give your jewelry long lasting life.
titanium polished domed

First off, be careful with your jewelry. It seems simple. Don’t throw my rings in a fire, don’t toss my bracelet into oncoming traffic, and don’t leave a necklace near my dog’s bed. But it’s much more than that. It’s washing the dishes, moving furniture, your work environment, showering, swimming, playing. All these activities can cause stress on your jewelry. You may think your absence from the gym means the force behind your arms isn’t much. But bring your hand down wrong, or stub your toe while simply walking, and you know that is simply not true. When you bring your hand down even just a little against a hard object, that metal on your finger takes the impact and will gradually accrue little nicks and cuts. So any activity where there is extra stress on your hands– i.e kitchen work, gardening, contact sports –it’s a good idea to take off your jewelry. Slip your ring around a chain to wear around your neck and it will last that much longer.  When it comes to liquids and chemicals, even the ingredients in your soap, though good for your skin, may not mesh well with the properties of the metals and gems resulting in adverse reactions that will contribute to color change and a decrease in luster. So be sure your lotions and perfumes are thoroughly absorbed beforehand. So many of these tasks may seem harmless, and they may be to a human body, but you have to treat your jewelry with special care. Take it off before bed, don’t use rough cloths, don’t store it in plastic where it won’t breathe, don’t leave it in the car. Take care of it and you wont’ be wishing you still had it on that special night a few years from now. 


Then there is cleaning. Because as much care as you take with your jewels, you can’t stop nature. Our bodies need cleansing, and since we will be taking off our jewelry before the shower, what’s left on the jewelry will eventually require cleansing. Though the residue on your jewelry is not as substantial as what is on your skin. Therefore don’t feel compelled to clean it every single day. But when the time does come to clean, a polishing cloth will come in handy. These cloths are made especially for the qualities of your jewelry. The surfaces of your jewels are not as complex and resilient as skin. In essence, they aren’t live material. When a ring of metal is scratched it won’t regrow silver, though that would be ideal. So a polishing cloth is made for the sensitive chemical makeup of metals. And just as humans use soap and there are all different kinds for different skin conditions, there are cleaning solutions for jewelry. Finding the right one for your jewelry will help clean it correctly and thoroughly. For at home solutions, white vinegar can be used to clean silver and gold, club soda for gemstones, ammonia for diamonds, and soap and water is good for soft porous materials like pearl and gemstone. SAM_1607


So though jewelry can go through wear and tear, we have solutions for wear and care so that your jewels can continue to be wearable and perhaps become heirlooms! If you don’t have a jewelry shop with all the tricks and tools right behind those employee doors in your arsenal, never fear, you can take care of your jewels right behind your very own door! You don’t have to be a master jeweler to keep your beauties shining and fabulous. We hope this post was helpful! Let us know if you’ve found some master tricks that keep your baubles flawless.

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