A Christmas Gift Guide of Handpicked Favorites

December 10, 2015

What some would call the biggest holiday of the year, is soon upon us. In regards to gifting, Valentines could be a sure second, but the familial characteristic of Christmas makes it just a wee more special. It’s the holiday of choice. As most employees in the work field know, it can be difficult obtaining time off for all the special occasions that come up in the year. Along with major holidays, there are weddings and funerals, birthdays and various celebratory events such as graduations, births, and promotions. As much as you might like to attend all, if each business allowed every individual the time he or she wanted, it’s likely there would rarely be anyone to work at all! So choices have to be made, trips sacrificed, congratulations and thanks given from afar. But in the end, most chose to take time off for Christmas. With the feast-like dinner of Thanksgiving, coupled with the heartwarming act of gift giving, it’s no surprise Christmas is such a stunner. And if you’re looking to give an amazing gift this year, we have a few selections we think will make gifting rewarding for both you and your recipient.

We separated our guide into sections. For our first category we thought a gem-focus would be ideal. This way we have all the gems in one section for your surveillance. Brightly colored sapphires, agate, lapis, opal and more, we selected pieces donning gemstones that will undoubtedly light up the face of the lucky inheritor.
These moonstone drop earrings by Jamie Joseph are perfect examples of gemstones that wow. Moonstone is a perfect gift for Christmas. With its white background filled with a rainbow of lightly reflected colors, it’s a miniature of Christmas lights dancing on the snow! These will look gorgeous dropping gracefully from any ear.
An opal necklace by Eliza Page is another jaw dropper. Anyone who’s seen an opal is  sure not to forget it. Its internal structure allows for the brilliant reflection of light that imitates fire. Some opals are even named fire opals because the light streaks are so brilliant. This necklace was created with a one of a kind Boulder organic opal stone, found in Australia. The vibrant colors of this boulder opal beautifully mimic the spectacular color images of the cosmos! With this around their neck, it’s like they’ve captured their own little bit of sky.


These Tahitian pearls and druzy studs are perfect stocking stuffers, found under the section Special Stockings, because these baubles will truly turn that stocking into much more than a fabulous sock. Can you imagine what a thrill it would be to pull these out of a fuzzy red stocking! Many people place smaller items in stockings to be unveiled on Christmas Eve as a prelude to Christmas morning. The history states that children left out stockings so Santa would put in smaller things like toys, candy, fruit, and coins. We’d say, pulling out these beauties would be a much sweeter treat.

Winter weather brings layers (in some places that is), and for Christmas feel free to give the gift of layers! Our next section is rightly titled Simple Stacks and Layers. Here we have various jewels that can be perfectly layered against each other to create a new and beautiful ensemble.


This pave set diamond pendant by Eliza Page would be a gorgeous match for the hammered sequin necklace below, courtesy of Elizabeth Crandall. With the loose structure of Crandall’s piece complimented by the weighted V of the pendant, these necklaces make a pretty pair with bohemian flair. A thoughtful and unique pairing ensues when the pave pendant is matched with the onyx beaded necklace. And there is a classic touch to the match between the pave set and the golden mixed circles. Whichever pair you chose, or even if it’s a single necklace to accompany something they already own, you’re sure to be greeted with a smile to match the sparkle.




Layers are rightfully followed up by bold and Boho. If you’re looking for something a little more alternative then take a scan through these selections.

This green agate sun necklace strikes a strong resemblance to a piece of adornment Conquistadors believed they would find in the City of Gold, El Dorado. Made by hand, this piece is an ideal option for those looking to make a statement.

Jamie Josephs Golden Joinery collection is based off the art of Kintsugi—repairing broken pottery with gold—where she takes broken stones and transforms them into something beautiful. To Kintsugi the cracks are a part of history, and repairing them with gold makes them that much more exquisite. We would agree wholeheartedly.

Diamonds are our next category. When it comes to jewelry gifting you simply cannot leave out diamonds! So we have special selections of some of our favorite diamond pieces fit for a Christmas gift. Christmas is a time of giving, a times of lights and sparkle, a time of forgiveness, a time of warmth and love, therefore we’d prefer our gifts to reflect these valuable qualities. We want your gift to scream Christmas! And we think these do.


Last but not least, if you’re not sure which region to start with, we have favorites from the Eliza Page employees! Let their selections guide you to the various categories and you’ll have your perfect picks before you know it.



These beauties are all samples of each classification. Find much more at our site or in store down on West 2nd Street, we’d love to help you find the perfect gifts for your special someones.

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