Keep it 100, Christmas Gifts for Less

December 18, 2015

Christmas Eve is only a week away! Hopefully by now you’ve started shopping. If you’re lucky enough you might have already finished. We know there are professional shoppers out there who completed their Christmas list acquisitions months ago. But for those who work well under pressure, are dying to get the perfect gift, or are simply finishing their last rounds looking for those final special somethings, we have a great list for you. Down below is our gift guide for fabulous items under $100 dollars! Bracelets, necklace, earrings, we have it all for you! Beautifully crafted by various designers, these pieces are sure to warm the heart of whoevers hands pull them from their temporary paper homes.100blogoxi
First on display are these small oxidized silver studs by Shaesby. The unique effect created by oxidation, assisted by the contrast of the remaining silver surfaces, ensures an exuberant unveiling – $88
Mingle’s Tiny Heart Necklace is simple and sweet, perfect for a best friend gift, a reminder of love, or thoughtful  acknowledgment. Made in silver or 18k gold, these necklaces are perfect additions to your wrapping pile – $88
Geometric jewelry is famous for its ability to reinvent shapes and ensure they appear as more than just lines and angles. These Bronze Geometric Earrings are a classic example of creativity and talent by Kristin Miller. Hand cast bronze in a trapezoid shape, get ready for the ooh-s and ah-s at the asymmetry and beauty – $39
Yet another example of exquisiste results from oxidiation. With an added brass bar, these studs prove themselves durable, elegant, and fun. Just like it’s wearer! – $98

Zoe Chicco eases our tingling fingers yet again with these 14k Yellow Golden rings! There may not be five, but a partridge and a pear tree are missing as wll, so three will do. Or even just one of these beauties! Perfect for stacking and available in size 4, you can’t disappoint. – $96
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend meets mother nature in this creation by Zoe Chico. Her Oxidized Leaf Diamond Necklace is a well thought and well made piece perfect to dangle around the neck of a closer friend, loved relative,  or special someone. – $96
This statement necklace is an elegant mixture of brass and cubic zurconia. In a season where everything seems to sparkle just a little bit more, this precious beauty smoothly passes the Christmas time test.

If you’re not a prestigious gift giver, able to erfectly sense your receivers heart’s desire from a remote location, then Christmas shopping can be somewhat of a challenge. If you have a list, that’s great! But some people say ‘get me what you want.’ Or the worst one yet, ‘I don’t want anything’ with the added ‘don’t worry about me’ that has the effect of thoughts filled with nothing but the exact opposite. In that case, you’re stuck wanting the perfect gift but at your wits end about what you could, should, or might want to get them. This list is a precursor, a guide, a small leaflet to display some of the options available. There are a world of trinkets, baubles, gift cards and scent sets, sale racks and filled shelves to chose from, and here at Eliza Page we hope we can make it a little easier! We hoped our ‘Keep it 100’ list helped you, and if you have any questions come down and see us, we’d be more than happy to help you in whatever way we can! Happy and Safe shopping lovelies!

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