Amber & Nicole Sutton, The Sisters of Workhorse Jewelry

December 27, 2015

Before the rise of the machines, and I do not mean Transformers, animals such as oxen, donkeys, mules and horses aided in much of the work done on a farm. With acres of land waiting to be planted, plowed, and harvested, any worker would have needed to be indefatigable to both start and finish everything. Therefore animals were included in the workload to help ease the burden on the farmer. There were and are many types of horses. Show horses, race horses, hunting horses, leisure horses, and wild horses that can’t be tamed. But there were also work horses. Horses that were sturdily built and could endure arduous and back breaking work. Think Clydesdale. Task such as hauling heavy hardware across miles of soil, pulling massive loads in addition to their owners’ weight. These horses helped build farming empires, far reaching and wealthy ranches, and consequently fed the growing masses of our country. These workhorses, essential with their mighty thighs and strong backs, became a symbol so that down the line humans who had similar traits, who were tireless and enduring, could also be seen as workhorses. Though horses are innately mighty animals with a strength and speed so impressive it’s referenced in car engines, or a car is named after a specific breed, when a human has such strength you look for a description that’s fitting. And what better than an animal that so beautifully and clearly exemplifies the behavior. A workhorse is something many people strive to be and are proud of. And of course all this has been mentioned because of the name of the designers we so proudly represent at Eliza Page. Workhorse Jewelry. Manned by two indefatigable sisters, this company produces jewelry that is meant to last a lifetime. Heirloom jewelry is their specialty. They take old and forgotten pieces, eagerly dig up lost concepts, and ‘avec amour’, create pieces that will represent the spirit of adventure and joy they were meant to bear before being tossed into an old dusty drawer or thrown into an array of undesirables littered across a thrift table, pawn shop, or flea market. Both designers, Amber focuses on the jewelry while Nicole manages the company down to minutiae, which all business owners know are necessary to survival.

These sisters have a love for meanings. All of their collections from ‘Poseys’ referential to the 1500’s to Love and Luck concentrating on Victorian charms, hold a significance the sisters believe gives their jewelry a lasting quality. With the change of time, concepts become lost with the alternating styles and these sisters simple love bringing them back. It’s more than a vintage style, it’s their belief in the importance of history. Like footprints in the sand, some things do get washed away with the changing tides, these sisters love finding the remnants of the past and breathing them new life. They’re much like a rescue patrol! Hunting down those lost bits of beautiful and giving them a second chance. Their attention to detail as they search through troves of odds and ends is a gift. They see promise and potential underneath these lost and discarded pieces, forgotten with time. And with the results we’ve seen, we hope they continue rescuing for many years to come.


workhorsepic16 workhorsepic15 workhorsepic14 workhorsepic13 workhorsepic12 workhorsepic11 workhorsepic7 workhorsepic6 workhorsepic5 workhorsepic3 workhorsepic2 workhorsepic

Its clear from the these examples that the Workhorse sisters have a love for detail. The truly have a knack for finding hidden treasures. Their foundlings clearly have been handled with a care and devotion that is visible to the eye. We love this dynamic duo and all the magic the continue to bring before us. True treasure hunters, the Sutton sisters create delightful must haves you’ll be aching to wear every day.

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