Newbies of the New Year, Bringing it in with a Bling

January 2, 2016

Resolutions, gym memberships, clean eating, new hair dos, new do-s and don’ts, new beaus and lost loves. Each new year is filled with a hope and a refreshing sensation that you’re getting yet another chance to make a difference. With the pound and flash of the fireworks, it feels as if the last year has been blasted away, and you’ve come full fabulous force into yet another magnificent future. We hope your New Year’s celebration was resplendent and full of a fervor we both crave and love. One that will last furiously far into the coming days. To coincide with the dazzling display of fireworks and the newness brought on by the beginning of a new rotation, we thought we would supply our own product of newness and dazzle. Recently finished ready for wear, these beauties are a representation of the exquisite that is to come. Like mini fireworks, these glittering baubles forever encase the sparkle you hope to hold as the year’s tick by.


Like a robin’s egg resting on a nest of perfectly manicured diamonds, this ring is an exquisitely crafted specimen. A beautiful innovation, it is easily a first class stunner in the long line of engagement rings. The milky blue green shimmer of the stone is brilliantly complimented by a halo of precious white diamonds. The use of partial bezel setting keeps your diamonds secure while leaving room to view more of the diamonds in their sparkling state. These stones encircle the turquoise to create a tiny necklace of sparkling diamonds. Set on a delicate band of silver or gold, these creations are a product of love, skill, and beauty.


This ring sparkles with a modern elegance remnant of vintage high society. The two baguettes beside placed beside a square cut gray diamond create a sophisticated balance that provides the traditional beauty of a diamond while adding a creative flare specific to present day individuality. This ring is a striking example of the sparkle we hope for in love and life.


Brilliantly blue, this genuine AA sapphire has been expertly cut and placed in a setting that perfectly displays the shimmer of the stone. The rich blue shimmering in an oval cut is surrounded by a true silver lining, yet made of diamonds. With a glowing halo this ring is the perfect choice for those who love smooth and rich colors, but also appreciate a healthy amount of sparkle and bling.


Set on a delicate band of white gold, these diamonds are forged together skillfully and thoughtfully to create a piece of jewelry that is subtly the most beautiful piece you’ll wear and as quiet as grey morning sky. The small bezel set diamonds are a collar of glory around this center stone, and will always remind you of peace and beauty.


Even without a halo, this ring is still angelic. The solitary stone stands alone in a skillful prong set, flanked by an amorous set of white diamonds. On a simple band of white gold, this ring, I do wed. In a lovely round cut, this ring will draw eyes and smiles, and remembrance of the simple things. For tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free.


We hope you’ve been intrigued and inspired, and loved them as much as they were loved in their creation! At Eliza Page our rings are handcrafted and there is a variety of ways to have your own pieces custom made! So if you’re looking for something beautiful and one of a kind this year, stop by and we’ll be happy to help in the journey!

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