Dripping in Druzys All Day Long

January 15, 2016

You may have seen them glittering on an ear or gracing the pages of social media. Brilliant and shiny, rough and raw. They rival a diamond sparkle yet have the durable look of a rock or geode. They have a raw quality that feeds your inner boho but a chic gleam that caters to a style of sophistication. They look like minced bits of beauty all tucked sweetly together to create a dreamy shimmer that screams fun and fancy. So you’ve seen a druzy stone, you’re familiar with the crystalized beauty, but you may not know what creates this effect. Druzys, though similar in appearance, are not a type of stone but a reaction. This reaction happens when a thin layer of crystals appears on top of a rock fracture surface, vein, vug or geode. Quartz with its inherently crystalized makeup, is the mineral most commonly found in druse reactions. The druzy is a compilation of tiny crystals, quartz brought down to miniature size then shaped and placed in a beautiful setting for everyday wear.


Druzy’s have been used in the jewelry business longer than they’ve been sold in stores. Jewelers across the marbled globe were aware of the pleasing results of this crystal reaction and looked for ways to incorporate it, waiting for the day they came a must-have jewelry grab. In an interview with Jodi Rae she mentions her long time love of the stone and how thrilled she was that they had finally found their spot in the limelight. The emergence of druzys are a welcoming symptom of the recent trend of minimalism and a return to the organic. Conscious minds and hearts of kind are recognizing the importance of preserving this wonderful planet we call home. The rock in the sky that produces the beautiful stones we lovingly wear around our various limbs and lobes.




The beauty of druzy is undeniable. The hundreds of tiny crystals huddled closely together create a mesmerizing sparkle that has caught and held the eyes of millions. Druzy’s are a way to capture that sparkle we all desire in a diamond with a less diamond-like price. Diamonds are a wonder that will forever have a place in the hearts of all. They have to be shaped and shined, cut and curated, and it’s this rigorous and meticulous process that makes them so precious to us. Just like the natural artistic nature of the druzy is what makes it special. The formation of crystals is done by nature itself and with little help from human hands, is ready to wear and impress. The uneven positioning of the crystals creates the perfected glimmer that puts druzys at the top of the list for finer tingling sparkle factor.






In various harmonious colors, druzys stay true to their earthen made nature. Whether opalescent or still and shimmering, druzys are a match made in heaven for those that have a strong love for sparkle, strength, and the planet we call home. So next time you’re looking for a jewel to wear, take a second look at druzys, though we know that probably isn’t necessary since you may have trouble looking away. Druzy’s don’t need much explanation. Their unique texture and shine is evidence enough and has them pinned right and left, swept off shelves, and placed on wish lists. But we wanted to give them a shout out just because. We hope you find your perfect druzy, or many, and as always, happy shopping!

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