The Magical Designs of Wwake

January 29, 2016

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In a world filled with color and fun, and fabulous variations of style after style, Wwake is a calm and elevated solution to your stimulated senses. Sleek bands of silver and gold that soothe the bejewled soul. Tiny bursts of beauty on your ears that despite their size, will easily catch the eyes of many a passerby.

Wwake, designed by the talented Wing Yau, redefines what it means to be plain and simple. Detail wasn’t forgotten, it was purposefully surpassed in order to display the beauty of the simplified form. Everyone is aware of the #nomakeup or #nofilter that permeates  across various social media, and these beauties are excellent examples of this trend. In choosing to keep design minimal,  the beauty is laid plain and as Webster defines it, evident to the eye. If you want love at first sight, then Wwake  has answered your prayers.

But don’t mistake simplicity and basic forms as elementary or a sign of a lack in skill or ability. In a math class or art project, did you try to make a perfect circle or get a point directly in the middle? Then you know it’s not easy without tools and expert judmgent and when you do, there’s  something quite beautiful and rewarding about it. Wwake jewels have perfected this phenomenon and turned it into  beautiful jewels! Wing gives us exactly what she want us to look at, and we’re hooked.

Think to a time when perhaps you tried to catch the eye of a special someone. Perhaps you dressed yourself up in a way you thought would be  pleasing, not knowing which colors or which style suited you best. Wing Yau knows best. She knows about the balance of light
and color, and exactly how to make something magical out of very little. With just a simple band and a small  stone of opal, she can create a piece that will attract the thousands, and you might only be trying for one . Everyone knows the pull of the little black  dress, the siimple white gown worn by Marily Monroe, the luxurious appeal of a streamlined automobile. Wwakes design take these underlying qualities and push them into something small and simple, yet opulent and worthy of applause.

Look through the shelves, pocket dazzling contemporary jewels with detail and exquisite ornamentation,  but don’t forget the beauty of basics. Don’t forget the sophistication of simplicity and traditional class that won’t ever change. Don’t
forget to Wwake.

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