Designers to Watch: Melanie Case Jewelry

February 5, 2016

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Looking at Melanie Case’s Instagram or scrolling through the different pages on her website can be a little overwhelming, you may find your heart hurting as you quickly fall in love. There is so much glittering beauty littering her page it’s hard to set your eyes on just one thing. Each piece is made with such detail and artistry that it’s also hard to look away! Melanie Case is truly a queen of the beautiful jewelry experience. Each piece is hand made with the use of wax casting, resulting in some heartbreakingly detailed and delicate pieces of jewelry that look as if they’ve been around for 1oo years.

Their description is ‘an ever changing line of delicate fine jewelry’ and we couldn’t agree more! These are the rings you see on the hands of a stranger in passing and think ‘Oh I wonder where they got that?.” And they’re also pieces you’d find on the neck of a princess. Pieces that cry out for a closer, much longer look. Each of her creations is lovingly made in-house so that quality isn’t sacrificed and we can see it has paid off. Her jewelry ships worldwide, even to boutiques in China! Set with gemstones of the finest colors each of her beauties will set perfectly against any skin tone and look as if it was always meant to be there!

Melanie’s pieces look like they have been lifted of the hands of the historical, the ethereal, and the futuristic. Combining the traditional qualities that have been cherished through the ages with the innovative traits of present day, she masterfully produces jewels that would fit perfectly in the 1920’s and the 2020’s. These are the jewels chosen by film costume designers, photo shoots, and more because of their unique ability to mirror luxury and wealth while still exuding a stunning natural beauty. Melanie knows just how much detail and what kind to make her designs unique enough without crossing over the avant garde line—though we don’t disapprove of that either. Melanie Case pieces are balanced, clean, and incredibly romantic, with just the amount of detail you want in the most lush and lovely way.

Melanie Case is loved and shipped all over the world, and soon she’ll be honoring our shelves at Eliza Page as well! So if you hadn’t heard of her, we think she’ll be a very nice addition to your list of favorite jewelers. We know she’s definitely one of ours!



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