Valentine’s Day Delights

February 12, 2016

Hello there, 5 foot teddy bear. That’s what you might think when you walk into a large grocery store near the end of January. Christmas and New years have been almost magically swept away and replaced with an abundance of red and pink. From down the way you can see that one or two aisles specifically dedicated to Valentine candy. You can imagine the shelves of Ferrero Rocher, Russel Stover, Lindt, Godiva, Whitman and more. And there’s not just chocolates. There are peeps, hard candies, soft chews, and a large enough variation to make sure everyone can buy something for anyone. Although there are those who don’t like candy, and then there are those for who candy will just be the appetizer of their gifts. Whatever the case, it’s the thought that counts. But being in the jewelry business, and a business that is passionate about a beautiful jewelry experience, designing and providing romantic jewels for a day that celebrates such a worthy idea is a pleasure and an honor! Love, not just for a significant other but all romances. The love for a friend who has seen you through hard times, forgiven you for rough ones, the love of a sister, mother or grandmother. Love is all around us and Valentines, we get to shout just how much love means, even if everyone doesn’t recognize it. So we hope you like these selections, and maybe you’ll pick one out for a dear one, and feel more than welcome to tag someone who is stressed about finding the perfect gift. These jewels have the perfect amount of romantic detail that will always remind them of this day, of the memories you’ve shared, and of course, your love.


valentines day
A pairing of druzys and delicious chocolates is the perfect way to say how much your special someone shines in your heart. You’ll fill their bellies and their hearts.
valentines day
These candy colored gems are a perfect match for Valentines day. If you’re object of your love isn’t a fan of the sugary sweets, these are sure to be a perfect substitute.
valentines day
With a mixture of mother of pearl and druzy, these beauties are soft and strong, a perfect blend of romance and beauty, a lover or friend.
valentines day
This simple blue sapphire is a beautiful example of how a beautiful stone speaks for it self, give it to someone whose beauty you think does the same.
valentines day
Drop earrings are always a romantic choice, and these beauties have the added benefit of customization. Choose the gem you or they would like the most!
valentines valentines2
These beauties are just simply romantic, soft colors, delicate detail, and unique designs that will assure you sparkling eyes and wide smiles.



You can’t buy love. It has to already be there.

Buying a gift is just another way of showing the love that already exists. Like a hug or a kiss, or a thoughtfully written note. The sacrifice of your hard earned money shows that this person matters to you, that you would go above and beyond for them! When you love someone you like to show that you care, be that time, words, touch, or in this case gifts! Show love every day, but also don’t forget to show them that you care, whatever way that may be. Thanks as always…



And Happy Valentines!

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