Dark and Lovely Diamonds by Eliza Page

March 3, 2016

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Spring may be right around the corner, and here in Texas it seems we bypassed winter altogether, but that doesn’t mean we have to leave everything about winter behind. To brush off the cold and stay in touch with nature –leafless trees, cloudy skies, quick coming nights, –our style changes. Sleeves get longer and boots creep up the leg, stylishly past the knee if you dare. Long dark coats block out the bitter wind, and in some cases the colors simply fit the mood winter has the ability to bring around. Then spring comes and everything changes! Clothes are bursting with colors! Whether its pastels or neons, racks are like rainbows and you have your fill of choices. Yet those dark classic colors of winters past remain a favorite for some, and a moniker of sophistication for all. That’s why as the bright and morning sun is becoming warmer and warmer, we wanted to showcase our darker stones for your engagement focused eyes.
White diamonds tend to take the spotlight when it comes to engagement rings. They have such a strong sparkle, like the heat of a summer sun, that they tend to be the go-to choice for an engagements. But winter has just as much magic, if not more. The snow! You might say, the white and glistening snow! It’s beauty may be reflected in a brilliant white diamond, but think of the night sky cast against it and the beautiful scene it creates. Dark diamonds have this affect contrasted against a stunning white gold band, or a gleaming loop of gold. .
Though the gleam may be different, grey, chocolate, and black diamonds have an allure all their own. Chocolate diamonds are warm and inviting, they sit on your finger like a piece of candy. Grey diamonds are cool and classy, merging seamlessly with any style the way the color grey does, and black diamonds speak for themselves. Their flat black color, jet and complete, is a beauty mark on the world it inhabits. In a world of color a black diamond stands out in the most beautiful way.

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