Get SXSW Ready With Eliza Page

March 10, 2016

The time has come again for the biggest musical explosion in Texas! South by Southwest, otherwise known by the moniker SXSW, is here to grace the empty weeks of spring break. Many brilliant and budding musicians will grace the streets of downtown Austin with cool vibes, smooth beats, and electrifying vocals! Over the year South By welcomed the film industry into the great comraderie, but the music, remains the bright and shining star. And with more than 1000 acts picked from, 28,000+ applicants, you’re sure to experience some incredibly declicous food for the soul.

SXSW is an all day all week event, that people travel to from all of the world. It’s the largest festival of it’s kind with a plethora of free events filled with even more freebies once you get in the doors. There is also the  choice of purchasing a wristband, in which you get access to even more events and special features. But whichever  you decide, an amazing expeirence accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack awaits you. That being said, you’ve got  to get dressed for the occasion!




There are many way to get around SouthBy. Pedi cab, bus, car, bike, walk. And there are many ways to get ready for this event.
These chain-link bracelets have a beautiful strength that is fit for the all day inside-outside events of SXSW.
Dozens of silver rings linked delicately together to form a solid collar of silver. Matched with a cord of leather,
a beaded bracelet or a bangle of gold, silver, or bronze. This bracelet is a perfect match for active summers or
musical spring breaks!


For those looking for something simple and light, and ready for a lot of physical activity, maybe jumping around and
throwing your hands in the air like you just don’t care, we think these will be perfect for you. Just enough detail
to show you care, but not to much that you feel you have to reign in the wild.



SXSW is an event for new artists to have thier chance in the spotlight. And they have to make their mark if they plan on being remembered when the event comes to a close. Are you looking to make a statement? To stand out among the clamoring cloud? In a group of thousands, with many in tune with the latest fashion, it’s always fun to try and stand out! To make your own play on a trend. That’s what these beauties are for. They’re a surefire stunner standing shoulder to shoulder, or walking down the packed streets of 6th. Rain or shine, you’ll turn heads and might take a few  questions as well. You don’t have to get dressed up, but with such a creative event as this with thousands you might not ever see again,  it’s a perfec time to try out something new. And who knows, you might find that you
like it.

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