Bridesmaid Gifts, What and Why

March 20, 2016

Some people elope. They jet away to the Italian countryside and under a beautiful sunset on a balcony with a breathtaking backdrop they say their ‘I do’s’. Others take another route. They invite family and friends, maybe it’s hundreds, maybe twenty at a lovely garden wedding. Whatever the count, whatever the path, you may or may not have someone special by your side. Someone who helps the perfect day flow with ease, or comforts you with the bumps and juts. Your bridesmaids. Movies have been made about these vital wedding components. They’re at your beck and call bringing you food, helping with hair, getting you dressed, supplying forgotten mascara, setting up the reception room, breaking said reception room down. They make sure you don’t drink too much the day of, and more than enough the night before. They’re your loyal companions, comrades in arms with kindred spirits you were born with, or met along the path. Whoever they may be, if they’re true to the bridesmaid code, they want the same thing. To make sure your day is all you dreamed it would be. And so you’re thankful! They do so much for you –perhaps even in your wrath and rage—and you want to show them how much you appreciate all they do –despite your wrath and rage.
That said, we wanted to talk about the bridesmaids gifts! There are so many options! Jewelry is just one. But of course we’re in the business, so it’s also one of our favorites. Pieces of jewelry that were crafted in love so they easily display how you feel. You can personalize and customize, and the beauty of the piece makes it a stunner right out of the bag! Whatever you decide, if you decide it with a kind heart, you’re on the right path.

bridesmaids gifts

These birthstone charms are a perfect option for bridesmaids gifts because they already use the persons birthday, which is a special celebration commemorating that particular person. Think how special you’d feel if you pulled out not just a gemstone necklace, but one that spoke specifically to you. Amethyst for Amy, Diamond for Izzie, Pearl for Marissa. To many, birthdays are a special thing, and the month in which they are born holds just as much weight. Choosing a birthstone shows that their special days means something to you, and will always be a cute and loving reminder of your friendship.


Or if you want to personalize something with a more specific note, check out these sweet pendants perfect for a reprint of what you feel in your heart! Make a mark of an intitial, or something small only you and the wearer understands. Whatever the message, personalized trinkets are a one way ticket to making your gift stand out in a special way.


These bracelets by French designer Morganne Bello are simple yet stately. Perfectly feminine for your bridesmaids but will easily endure the years to come of your friendship. With a pinwheel of colors to choose from, it’ll be easy and fun to pick out just the right one for each of your maidens. The color could be the favorite, or the color you think represents them. Laura is a yellow, always calming the madness. Bethany is a blue, she’s one of the coolest girls you know. Nikki is a bright red, always bringing the life to the party and the one egging you on the night of your bachelorette party. However you decide on the colors, even if it’s one to symbolize the solidarity you share, you’ll be the bearer of much loved gifts.

These necklaces are simple and sweet. Delicate chains of silver and gold offer a choice for the preferential, or once again, the decision to keep it uniform; one necklace as a membership gift to the best bridesmaids club. The hearts are a sweet touch, because as bridesmaids, they hold a special part in your heart…and vice versa!

Weddings are a cultural phenomenon. There are books, sites, conventions, boutiques, forums, and more all catered to weddings. Births and deaths, weddings and funerals, they’re the stuff of life and there are always so many bits and pieces to make it come together, whether you have a wedding that breaks the bank, or a simple JOP. And either or, you may choose to bring your family and friends into it, and then maybe even bridesmaids. Which if you chose them to join you on this hectic adventure, you’re sure to want give them a great big thank you. You could do gift cards or clothes, scents or candles, or one of our favorites…jewelry! And if you decide to try that route, we hope some of our options might help you out in your quest! Thanks for reading and as always, happy shopping!

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