Wedding Accessories: Dressing up for the Big Day

March 24, 2016

You receive the most important ring when he drops down on one knee, or whatever pose he chooses for his grand gesture. The engagement ring is the request to start a life with you, a symbol of his undying affection and appreciation for all you are. Careful thought is put into the choice and you’ll wear it for the many years to come! Though the wedding will come and pass, the ring will stay. Always a reminder of the promises made and the love that brought you together. However! Though the engagement ring is a significant part of the wedding, you may want to add a little more bling to your big day. This blog is dedicated to a few different choices you have style and stone wise. And we do love our options.









Eliza Page Collection

First we have diamonds. With the proper cut, they can shine like the top of the Chrysler building, your own pair of bright and shining stars hanging gingerly from your earlobes, which expectantly await the ‘I do’s. These earrings are especially perfect for those looking for an extra dose of shine. Think of stadium lights. It’s the many bulbs bunched together that create that blast of light you can see from miles away. Huddled together in clusters and bars, these diamonds create a more brilliant shine. And perhaps you’re not the type that blings it out every day, but on your wedding day you can’t help but yearn for  just a bigger splash of sparkle. These beauties will be perfect for you. They dazzle enough to see, but not enough to blind.




Jamie Joseph Collection

Pearls are a unique stone. They are made up of many translucent layers that produce an iridescent shine. Think of a soap bubble. These layers create a stone that looks simultaneously soft and durable. Pearls are a perfect option for someone who wants beauty and elegance, without the sparkle of a diamond. Fortunately they come in many colors, such as these grey pearls drop earrings. And as you can see just a tiny diamond at the base for that subtle shine.

Jamie Joseph Collection

Opal is another stone that possesses a marvelous iridescence, if not more dynamic than pearls. These stones cast more of a glow than a sparkle. Soft enchanting moonlight, instead of the bright and beaming sun. If you want jewelry that conveys a more subtle but equally stunning beauty, pearls and opals are a perfect match.



Kristin Miller Collection

And last but not least we have gold. A metal that has been cherished long before jewelry adornment. These golden drop earrings are skillfully crafted heirlooms. Subtle details, traditional influence, and a pinch of modern flair make these beauties instant heirlooms, read for use in generations to come.


Wedding days are events that can take months, or even a year to prepare. Maybe even more. The venue, the food, the cake, the dress. So many little details go into making a wedding absolutely perfect. And even with the most meticulous planning, something can still go wrong. And yet it’s the search for various odds and ends that can be the most stressful part! So we hoped this post helped in even the smallest way. Maybe it helped you chose a side, maybe it made you reconsider not wearing any jewelry, maybe it reminded you that you needed to pick some out! Whatever the case, we know you’ll be beautiful, and we hope the planning is as peaceful as it can possibly be! Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

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