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April 2, 2016

Though many people enjoy getting their hands on the latest ‘something,’ they also have a strong desire to stand out. Yes, you could recreate an outfit perfectly that you see online. But, you still hope to make your mark. This is where detail comes into play. The individual and minute parts of a whole that separate it from the rest. Lace has  this desired effect when it comes to fashion. It’s a delicate fabric that’s essence is the attention to detail.  Since the Victorian age, you could find this carefully etched fabric on beautiful wedding dresses, fine fashion, and especially lingerie. The use of lace,  a thin material that was once made solely with silk, allows an easier contour of the human body. It’s an incredibly light and delicate fabric with a vast possibility for patterns, just like snowflakes!  And before crossing over into the jewelry world, Megan Thorne worked designing fine lingerie. That means lace….everywhere. And now, her relationship with this material has passed over into her work as a jewelry designer. She’s always held a love for patterns and detail. And though she now works with tough metals instead of wisps of thread, she hasn’t lost that delicate touch. Her jewels are a testament to femininity and finesse. The many tiny facets of lace are what create the beautiful flowing designs. Megan Thorne’s jewels have this same effect. Meticulous design, getting down to the smallest of incisions and  straightening the thinnest of lines, makes Megan’s jewels a wearable artwork.

megan thorne trunk sho mgan thorne sapphire

The skill and craft is seen clearly in the symmetry, spacing, cut, and line precision of each piece. Not only will a diamond have a halo of diamonds, but each of these small diamonds will be set in a ring of ribbed gold, with each tiny ring of gold as detailed as the next. It doesn’t matter how tiny or miniscule, Megan designs like every eye is a microscope. And as with lace,  it’s the tiny facets, getting down to the ‘nitty gritty’ if you like, that allow her to take something so solid as gold, and bring it alive. It’s the tiny facets that separate the good, from the best. A child’s work from an adult. You may have seen the artwork of a normal four year old. A tree is likely a brown rectangle crowned with what seems to be a green cloud. But give it to someone older, more experienced, no art classes required, and you begin to see the individual branches, the shapes of the leaves, a bird’s nest or two.

mt6 mt19 mt20

Megan doesn’t take short cuts. She’s an experienced artist who takes her materials in hand and visualizes what can be borne out of it. Her pieces harken back to times past. Vintage. Back when the world moved a little slower and more people took time  to produce well made work. With the rise of machines and assembly lines and the need to ‘get things out’, sometimes detail, the meticulous work needed to make something special, is lost in the shuffle. This cannot be said for Megan. One look at her jewels and you see that timeless quality that keeps vintage, and her own designs, forever in style.

mt14 mt13 mt10


The smallest design details give Megan’s pieces a seemingly effortless delicacy. Megan passes on broad strokes and focuses on riddling her subject with patterned beauty, creating pieces that are feminine and fluid, sitting daintily on the body as if they were always meant to be there. Her jewels are tiny sculptures, lovingly chiseled and whittled until something truly romantic is made.mt15 mt16 mt12

Crude and stuck lines are replaced with intricate sinuous movement in Thorne jewels. Her patterns in design reflect the natural flow and detail found in nature, the tender grace of women, and a love for thoughtful patterns.

mt17 mt11 mt7
Megan Thorne worked brilliantly in fine lingerie, but at some point realized her passion for jewelry. She realized that the aspects of designing lingerie that she cherished could go hand in hand in jewelry design. With this new field she could in fact make even more beautiful pieces than she ever could before with glittering gemstones and precious metals at her fingertips. Though we’re sure the fashion world misses her,
we’re glad she came our way. Without her, we wouldn’t have these beautiful designs gracing the shelves of Eliza Page.  If you’d like to see enough Megan Thorne jewels to make you want to turn pirate, than join us for the Megan Thorne trunk show, where she’ll rightfully put her beauties up for display. And maybe you’ll find yourself your next heirloom or go-to  piece.


Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

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