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April 8, 2016

The Gold Standard. In the past it was used as a measure of regulating the value of money among the nations. Though it was later dropped in favor of a flat rate currency method, gold never ceased to hold its place as one of the world’s most precious and treasured metals. Due to its moderate rarity, resistance to acidity, and particularly luminous golden color, just to name a few, gold has been used as a high commodity since even beyond recorded history. Years and years and years later, gold is held in even higher esteem! You’ve seen the commercials, “Bring us your gold!”, “Cash for Gold!”, “We Buy Gold!.” Of course they do. If paper money were to ever disappear, seeing as how it’s no more than cotton fibers, gold would still reign supreme. Coming naturally from the earth in limited quantities, it has a true value that is made symbolic in processed paper money.

You don’t have to love gold, or even like it. Many early Native Americans found it useless. Corn had more value! Pocahontas wasn’t at all impressed. We, however, have a loving lasting relationship with the stuff. As designers we love material that can be easily shaped and forged. It helps that gold is unbelievably beautiful at the end of this process. With a lux gleaming exterior, it seems to make just about anything more extravagant. Some of the Lexus models use gold for their lettering instead of the standard silver for an added bit of luxury. The Olympics give out gold plated medals that make winning first prize that much more enviable. Willie Wonka handed out coveted golden tickets. Gold effortlessly cinches the deal and makes its subject a masterpiece. Check out Kintsugi…the art of repairing pottery with gold. Yes please! I’ll take that vase. The savvy Jamie Joseph built from this idea to create the stunning Golden Joinery collection.


Impressed? So are we.

That said.

Its the shine. That bright and morning star glow that brightens the face of the pirate as he opens the chest. That takes him across the high seas, that sends men searching, and has even the noblest marrying for money. For any Disney fans who watched Aladdin, you’ll remember that transfixing room of treasure. What littered the floors and climbed up the walls? What was the color of the coveted lamp? Gold.


It’s the rarity. You can’t just find gold littering the streets. And when people thought you could, they rushed to it. Hence the rightly given name, ‘Gold Rush.’


Gold. Real gold. Looks good on just about anyone, anywhere, at any time. When it’s real, it emits a specific shine that just seems natural. And natural, looks good on everyone. Why it’s the way you were born! You might think it doesn’t look good on you, but gold has so many variations. Gold’s alloys and chemical makeup allow for different variation of the metal. It’s this quality that makes gold an exceptional metal not only for it’s value, but for it’s ability to fit a wide variety of people and things.

There’s Rose Gold. A perfect option for the adventurous and romantic who still want that hint of classic.


White Gold. It strips gold of it’s color, and yet this only makes it more beautiful. It’s not just the gold color we love (you can find shelves full of it for $5 in any large retailer) but the precious metal itself.


Yellow Gold. A little and a lot both go along way.



There’s a gold for you. This alluring element has been around for thousands and thousands of years in human adornment. Even under the worst fluorescent lighting it will hold true to its position in human history as one of the rarest, most beautiful, most treasured of metals. And with a look at the periodic table, you’ll see there’s little that compare to its warm and glowing charm.

Perhaps we’ve given it to much worth. Perhaps. But we don’t think so. It is a pure, natural, earthly element. Many were made and forged in the deep caverns of our home, but not all were made as exquisite. We think the special properties found in gold are worth remark. And with the beautiful designs we’ve been able to provide and promote, we won’t lose hope in gold any time soon.

You could be a silver fanatic and we’d love that too! But we also dare you to try something new or shove aside some earlier conclusion on the matter.

And lastly, be golden inside first. Wearing it on the outside will only add more to your dizzying shine.
Happy shopping all!

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