Simplicity: Shop the Look

April 15, 2016

Some days you want to pile on the bracelets, slip on every ring, layer layer layer, your necklaces. You want to glitter and jingle all the way. We’ve been there. It’s dazzling, and fun! You probably feel a little like the sultan of Arabia slipping on all those gorgeous rings. This style lets you effortlessly release that inner free spirit that does whatever, feels whatever, wears whatever, and might just say whatever is on her  mind. Depending on the ring style, you  might appear as someone who should not be trifled with, or, that might just jump in a caravan and head off into the sunset! You’ll add on the meaningful and riveting trinkets you’ve collected over the years, all saying a little something about who you are. We get it. We love layers! But sometimes, it’s okay to tone it down. To Simplify. Lose the diamond studded chocker for a simple golden chain. Trade out seven brilliant multi-stoned rings for one skillfully crafted bezel set ruby. Bangling bracelets can take a rest in your trove as you slip on a stunning vintage heirloom. Simplicity. We LOVE intricacy and the craftsmanship it requires.  But there is an equally mesmerizing, equally skillful beauty that’s found in the minimal.

Simplicity. Find a simple object, and make it beautiful.

Some thing

Some shape

For simplicity, forget textures and complexities and return to streamlined sophistication.






Simplicity is also about just choosing the striped shirt. Not the striped hat, the striped boots, the striped purse, and striped belt. We know. You might say ‘that’s still simple, it’s all still stripes!’. But simplicity is about stripping away some of the excess. Letting just one beautiful object take the limelight. A well made striped shirt against  a pair of flattering denim, with one of these beauties slipped on tight, is an outfit ready for anything. A photo-shoot in a rolling meadow, a date, a chance encounter with a handsome stranger. You name it. You’re ready.

Just the striped shirt.

Just a few diamonds on display at the ends of a simple golden band give these gemstones a fair and fetching gleam.

Just two shining globes of ebony. The two jet baubles will sit stoic and sombre on
the tops of your fingers. So as you caruese a rack, raise your hand, or lend one, those nearby will take another look.

Keep it simple with less.

Less metal


Less patterns

Less additives

Sleek lines and focused design that make it easy for the eye. There’s not so much to look at, and yet you see everything.

Remember. The pink jacket. Not the pink jacket, shirt, boots, belt, hat, earrings and bracelets….

Keep it simple
Keep it classy
Keep in style.

P.S. Don;t forget to bring those bangin bangling bracelets out whenever you feel it…

We appreciate you all! Never think dressing up will make you into someone different, better, or more fabulous. That’s
already waiting to burst out from the inside.
Peace, love, and gemstones!

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