What We Love For Spring

April 22, 2016


Spring is Here!

It’s spring! Though, in Texas this means windshield breaking hail one day and sunshine the next. Texas spring…is lethargically rainy mornings turning into pool time lounging in the span of a few short minutes. But despite our beloved’s state’s volatile weather, spring is spring. The first day of spring, ‘the Spring Equinox”, was on March 20th and we have been living in this season of flower frolicking for a month now. Can somebody find us a meadow please!

But back to topic. Why do we love spring? Because it’s a time of new things. Spring is a season of renewal, rejuvenation, regrowth and more! It’s a time when things are borne. All the planning you made over winter to reinvent yourself can finally step into the light. April showers bring May flowers. So what do we love for spring style?



You guessed it. Have you ever set up for a birthday party? Made a big dinner? Decorated a room or a new house? Got dressed? Did you turn this way and that, walk around the room twenty times trying to figure out just what was that last thing you needed to make it absolutely perfect? You were looking for the pearl of the room. They’re the beautiful finishing touches, the accent, that cherry on top. Many of the ‘popular’ gemstones have angles and crystalized structures that make that bling possible that we all know and love. They shine and shimmer and put a sparkle in our eye. But pearls, a soft culmination of all colors, create a perfect balance between all these glittering baubles. A pearls glowing matte surface brings the whole piece together. And even when they stand alone, their glossy subdued beauty is perfect for those extravagant parties or the most casual encounter. Pearls and their inner aurora borealis, make them a perfect match for the glow up of spring.





And can you guess what’s next?

We’re sure you already have a good guess…..



We see flowers in your future. Colorful flowers, fabric flowers, metal flowers, diamond flowers, whatever kind of flowers you might want. Flowers don’t ask for our permission when they bloom in the spring, they just do it. Just like you should try your own take on flowers this spring. Festivals have used flowers for years, think back to flower children of the 70’s. We see it coming back in more than just your Coachella wardrobe, but spring style all around in a way that fits seamlessly from festival to formal. Sure they look lovely in our gardens, and on our counters and table tops, but they also look great dangling from your ears or worn around your neck, sculpted from gold or made with beads. Flowers are nature’s jewelry, and this spring they’ll be a centerpiece of ours as well.


What else is great for spring?




Oh wait, cute sleepy cats are perfect year round.




A third unexpected but wholly adventurous option are tassels. You had them on the end of your bike, they fell from the side of your graduation cap, maybe your favorite curtains have them. These examples may seem basic, but they’re used for a reason. And tassels can be found more and more in fashion. On clothes, purses, shoes, you name it. And spring is a time of rejuvenation, regrowth, and rebirth. And these tassels have definitely been renewed. One of fashions great conquests is taking something simple and making it into a staple. Old jeans (with holes and tatters) became a chic and staple in many women’s wardrobes. We’re not asking you to take the tassels off of your four year old sisters bike, we’re saying you should try something that has been reinvented, rethought, redone, and see if you like it.

You can even start at a more muted point, but still in theme.



Spring. In Texas it means the weather isn’t too hot yet. The weather might be a little bizarre, but we have cooler temps and people begin to creep back outside into the green and blue. And as you creep out, keep your eyes peeled for these different styles for spring. There is a world of options out there, but don’t be afraid to try something new, or something you might never have seen the beauty in.

Enjoy the spring, the style, and as always….happy shopping!

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