Laws for Layering from Eliza Page

April 28, 2016

Laws for Layering

How it Works

The laws of layering, is there really are no laws. The beauty of this technique is that you can honestly go any which way you want with it to make it your own. Five people could have the same four necklaces, and each could display them in a way wholly unique from the other. That’s why layering is so much fun! It lets you wear more than one of your favorite items while also giving free reign for you to show off your own creative capabilities.

Layering jewelry has always been the norm in certain sub cultures, such as the hippie movement and bohemian chic, but it’s since crossed over into the main stream, prompting each and every fashion style to try a layering of their own.

But maybe you’re not used to it, maybe you’ve never done it, maybe you want to ensure that you’re layering is ‘up to code.’ Well we’re here to help. Though you have an abundance of freedom in layering, there is a foundation you can reference to make the layering process go a little easier, and then maybe after a lot of tinkering, you could make your very own!

We researched just a bit to make this as simple as possible. So for the sake of simplicity, we broke it down into sections, just like you’d find on any jewelry site.

First up?



For length we have what we call ‘The Goldilocks’ Code. Baby Bear, Mama Bear, and Papa Bear, in formation. A short necklace, one a little bigger, and lastly the longest necklace to complete it.

The components of a basic 3 layered combo consists of the anchor, filler, and finish.

The anchor– The piece you’ll center everything around! It will probably be a statement necklace, one you can’t live without and want to wear every day. But though you’d like to wear it every day you want to switch it up now and then. This anchor can be the baby, mama, or papa layer.

The filler and finish-hatever place you give your anchor, fill and finish around it with shorter or longer necklaces. These pieces can be of different SHAPE, TEXTURE, or METAL. Match them with the anchor, with each other, or let them all stand alone.

Here are some examples….







First of if you have uniform bangles, it’s easy. You just put about seven to ten of them on and away you go!
But if you want to switch it up and add some style and texture, make a castle out of sand, then we have some ideas.
For bracelets, they simple have to fit your wrist, there is no need for a length check. But some of the same rules apply for creating a pleasing arrangement of your jewels.

Think of bracelets as a classic flower arrangement.

You have your large center flowers that aren’t to extravagant they take away but obviously beautiful like tulips, followed up by filler flowers such as daisies, then a smaller unique flower that compliments your center flowers like peonies, followed again by foliage.

For a bracelet you want a statement piece, followed by a smaller more detailed piece, coupled with something beautifully unique but not overbearing, and a few accent pieces to complete the makeup. And voila, a well fit ensemble of jewels and your wrist is rockin’ and ready to go.



Diamond studded Cuff



You can have your ears pierced all the way to the top, or maybe just a couple holes on each, keeping it simple. Both allow ample room for layering.

Seeing as how earrings, can sit on, loop, or dangle from your ear, you can combine the rules of both necklaces and bracelets. Find your anchor placement, and work around it. With a little experimenting you’ll find your groove and easily achieve different dazzling arrangements even when you’re in a pinch.
Multicolored beaded drop earrring with gold trim

Layering teal drop earrings


Rings follow a similar rule to the bracelets, but midi and layerable rings add a few extra components. We’re already layering our rings by wearing more than one on a hand, but you can also layer per finger as well!
Here is our suggested (but highly adjustable) ring layer list if you’re looking for the most dynamic display.


    • Statement
    • Midi
    • Layerables


Ring and bracelet layering in gold



Layered rings with black onyx

Of course you can go simpler or add as much extravagance as you want. These few guidelines are a simply a way to give you a basic format that is a blend of both. Feel free to give it as many tweaks as you like until you find what fits with you. And remember layering is supposed to be a way for you to express yourself and let your creative juices flow! Don’t be afraid to be daring, and trust yourself.

Thanks for reading! And as always, happy shopping!

P.s. Don’t’ forget Mother’s Day is just around the corner, a packet full of layers is a perfect gift for our much deserving mothers.

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