The Best of Bling From Eliza Page

May 6, 2016
rings that sing with bling

It’s time to binge out on bling for a moment. Mother’s Day is near and maybe you’re last minute shopping–we understand, life gets busy!–or maybe you’ve been struggling with the perfect gift. There’s so many perfect options out there for our much deserving mothers! Well this week we wanted to give a little shout out to some of the brilliantly dazzling pieces in our selection. And if you’re mother is as radiant as these beauties, it’s a great way to show her just how you feel! Gifting can be difficult with such a chasm full of options, but we made this post to narrow it down just a little and maybe give you a ray of hope these last few days before the big one. Whatever you choose, if you choose it with a thoughtful heart, you’ll make the right decision!

floral inspired diamond rings


These floral inspired designs are more than just ethereal beauty. The ratio of diamond to gold makes them instant stunners, perfect for bundling. Feel free to make a bouquet on your fingers.

vintage style diamond rings perfect for mothers day


Megan Thorne

Old world styling coupled with an incandescent shine, Megan Thorne jewels give us the vintage brilliance highly sought after.


Hallleh, Polly Wales, Communion By Joy and Eliza Page

These class of beauties is top tier with the dazzle factor. The bling in these beauties is sleek and chic, a perfect display of elegance and precision.


Eliza Page

It’s not only diamonds that sparkle in these sapphire rings! With a halo of precious diamonds around brilliant blue gemstones, we think you’d agree these rings are definitely some of the best of bling.

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