Patterns and Textures For Head to Toe

May 12, 2016

As a local jewelry boutique we see many style elements pass across our shelves. Specific types of casting, cutting, and settings just to name a few. But today our focus is on patterns, and textures, and how these two style elements can be done beautifully. Textures can be harsh and patterns can be repetitive to the point of boredom. But we believe that these jewelers use these design elements with such beautiful acumen, that they’re worth mentioning! And maybe you prefer to stick to minimal decoration! We love that too. But our complete immersion in the world of jewelry comes from a wide and open heart to many manners of jewelry design. From simple to chi to intricate ornamentation and ‘crude’ renderings. So without further ado…we have some lovely patterns and textures and why we love them (and think you should too!).





Patterns by a master jeweler and lover of antique coins, Adel Chefridi, are classic and hand etched. His preoccupation with antique coins from old world eras, like the Byzantine and Roman, are just one of the reasons why these pieces seem akin to historic relics you might see on display in a museum, where the jewels of ancient civilizations are set out on display. Patterns can become extremely complex, or the simple repetition of one single beautiful motif. Adel Chefridi excels with creating elegant decorative markings that are used in an exquisite sequence.


These earrings by Suzzana Dai are a play on geometric patterns. Their use of shape makes the style more evident but the color scheme and stone choice is what creates these dazzling  drop earrings. If you’re already a tried and true lover of patterns, check out these beauties for a bold choice. They’re sure to hold their own at your next event, whether it’s a date or a high class cocktail party.


Texture is more than just how something feels, it’s the appearance of it as well.




These matte textures are perfect for those who prefer muted colors and stray away from the glimmer and shine of prim and polished metals. They like the natural look, fans of gold and silver in their cave states.





Drusys have a rough textrure appearance that gives them that raw quality we adore, like these pieces from Jodie Rae and Elizabeth Crandall. It looks as if the stones have been plucked from the ground and placed right into the beautifully designed setting. And their scruffy exterior pairs beautifully with a silky and smooth top.



The texture found in art masterpieces can also be found in jewels. It can be texture for an aesthetic sake, like with these unique crystal drop earrings by Bruml Designs. Here texture, or rather the appearance of it, is created using fine needles of rutile. This way the quartz earrings seem to be a product of stylish repurposing. Great earrings for an ethereal summer outfit, perhaps a sundress, or a fun colorful romper.

There are a wide multitude of options when it comes to using patterns and textures. Snowlfakes, they say no two are the same. And that’s just one small entity on this planet! With a world of inspiration designers can think up the most beautiful and creative designs for patterns that will make your heart swoon. The use of texture adds on yet another level of possible beauty component to these jewels. That’s why jewelry making is such an intensive and fulfilling process. There are so many ways to make something incredibly beautiful! Patterns and textures are just two different way with many many different ways to succeed.

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