Engagement Rings, Find Your Style

May 19, 2016

Like with any big event, choosing the right outfit is hard, in this case you’re choosing the ring, and for a lifetime. An engagement ring. This will be the ring you wear for, hopefully, fifty plus years. A ring that’s passed down generation to generation and is a reminder of a love so strong it passes through the barriers of time! And our personalities are so complex, and the possibilities with jewelry making so vast, that finding that perfect ring can be quite the ordeal. Engagement rings are a symbol of your beaus undying affection and desire to make you, their beloved partner for years. That said a ring can be many things. It can contain stones and styles that represent the magnanimous love you share.


These mixed metals by Jennifer Dawes are a perfect way to show the combination of two different people creating a very beautiful new union. Mixed metals, mixed patterns, are a perfect way to create an emphatically unique ring that conveys your equally unique love.


Try vintage style engagement rings with elegant and charming designs to add a little flare to your already dazzling diamond—or whatever stone you chose—and you’ll be sure to have a new heirloom that will never go out of style.



Rings sets are an easy way to add on the bling without just adding more diamonds. These chic wedding bands are a beautiful way to compliment your centerpiece ring, just like you to will go back and forth complementing each other! These stackables give you more space to add different colored stones, metals, and styles. Go crazy.

This gorgeous engagement ring seems like it’s been crafted with multiple bands, but it’s just a cleverly designed band by Megan Thorne. Having your engagement ring custom made by adding delicate features like these double bands are a perfect way to add some detailed ornamentation to your forever cherished beauty!

And of course there is always a natural beauty in the minimal, a purity in the simple. You can choose to focus on just one feature. No matter how big or small the wedding or the ring, the love you show each day is what’s most important.

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