Summer Wedding Accessories

May 26, 2016

Every season has its perks. Whether it’s the crisp beauty of pristine snow, the dazzling weather of a blooming spring, the changing colors of fall, or the rocketing temperatures of summer that thaw us completely and push us into pools and parks. Summer even has its own set of memes centered around getting the perfect beach body—and more importantly the failure to—and the excitement of the much coveted summer break! Heck they even wrote a song about it! Schoooooooollss…out….for….SUMMER! Hah! Summer for many young in America is a time for relaxation, and for others a time for vacation. The one time of the year it’s finally hot enough to hit the beach (if you don’t already live on the Equator) and do some natural tanning. Soak up the vitamin D! Weather can be very affecting on the body and soul. Vitamin D is a key factor in our everyday health, and continuously cloudy days deprive us of the rejuvenating features of the sun! That said, summer weddings are prime pickings because of the brilliance of the sun during this time. It’s warm and bright, a perfect reflection of how the bride and groom to be—and their loved ones—are feeling during this time of excitement and hope. Spring is the beginning of new things. Summer is the fruition, the time for things to happen. Summer love, summer adventure, summer weddings.

Yet though we love a wedding no matter the day or month, each wedding season has it’s particular characteristics that make planning crucial and also, even more fun! For Fall and Winter weddings you can choose from enchanting ornamented long sleeved dresses and cold season centered decoration, and the same goes for its counterpart! Summer’s heat gives us a variety of options, so let’s just get started.

With temperatures now more comparable to that of the human body, for your dress or gown, you’ll probably want to strip the sleeves (Queen Ann, halter, off the shoulder) or go sleeveless (sweetheart, semi-sweetheart, straight across) to accommodate to warmer winds. This style reveals a little more skin, and with that, more jewelry display room. Now you have a little more wiggle room to fit in a delicate piece that will smoothly compliment the most important body accessory of the day. Your wedding dress! Check out how these lovely brides incorporated some shine into their style. And think about what you like, or might change!




The Neck

These ladies chose simple yet still stunning necklaces of gold and silver The dainty chains coupled with a precious stone formed perfect wedding accessories. Pearls are a favorite because of their muted glow but revered historical beauty. If you like this look, check out these beauties we have in-store!




The Wrist

Your wrists are another space that might be laid bare with cropped sleeves, and give you the availability for more options for dressing up your beloved dress.



These ladies chose pieces that, just like the previous necklaces, were subtle, but made the outfit as a whole much more divinely impactful. They found pieces to accentuate their already masterfully designed gowns. The dresses fit them and the jewels fit the dress.

These bracelets are a perfect addition to a gown that is already a work of art. Thin clean lines, and jewels small but plenty enough to catch and release the sparkle of the much awaited day without outshining yet dispelling any overcast.





The Ears

These are the most common place a bride chooses to add on her extra sparkle. With a glance at any wedding photos the ears are a major common denominator. It’s the one place past the dresses area of influence and so earrings are used to ‘finish’ the dress, along with some stunner shoes. They can be small and subtle or stately and sparkly! Check out these ladies and how they chose to love on their lobes.



These photos were taken from a distance and they’re still visibly beautiful! And though we have diamonds in story for you, you don’t have to go with a glimmering stone to stand out. Lovely pieces like these pearl or crystal drop earrings, will have just as much effect standing out.






And if you prefer something a little more subdued we have some golden pieces that will give you that pinch of salt shine to give you a completed look.



The Bridesmaids

And we can’t forget the bridesmaids! These lovely ladies make you look and feel good on the big day. They pump you up, remind you of your incandescenet beauty when you start feeling shaky (because we all know as exciting as weddings are, the stress and worry is there too, and we’re all human) and their outfits are probably the next thing on your checklist behind finding your own. If you give them options, that’s awesome, and if you want to buy the jewelry because you’ve always had a vision, that’s perfect too!





All the necklaces we’ve shown above are perfect options for bridesmaids as well, especially if you opt out of wearing one and focus on other areas instead. But if you liked some of these examples we have some great matches for you.





Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it’s also incredibly exciting! You’re essentially planning a big party to celebrate love! Your love. And if you’re like most soon to be wedders, you want it to be perfect. You might not have some scrapbook from when you were nine and if you don’t, it’s okay, we don’t judge. But even still, you want the day to represent who you are, and your special other, and we hope that by showing you these options, we might open up an eye and give you a glimpse into what and why, you might want a certain style. Don’t forget to relax, have fun, and happy shopping.

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