One of a Kind Pt. 2 : Gemstones

June 9, 2016

A limited edition car, a purse made in only limited quantity, a signed copy of an album, a first edition book, VIP access, members only, a wedding dress that is one of a kind. These things all have something in common. Exclusivity. Only a certain few can have them. This restriction desire is a common cause and effect phenomenon seen in society. People treasure things that are limited, rare, and hard to obtain. Though it may not always be the case, these things are perceived to have special qualities, characteristics you might not see everywhere so when you can get them, you grab them, and hold them close. This same thing goes for gemstones, if not more so. They’re limited quality and difficulty to access makes them something worth striving for. And even among gemstones, there are especially poignant ones. Gems that have a dazzling array of colors, mixed masterfully by the ground below. Gems that are literally, cut from a different cloth, causing them to glimmer and shine unlike the rest. How about we just give you some examples and let you see for yourself.







Best case scenario, you’ll find two of these gemstones that look very similar. Worst case scenario. You’ll never find one exactly the same but just as nauseatingly gorgeous in a…, can I shower with this so I can always feel fabulous, kind of way. Check out the Jamie Joseph earrings on the last photo even the same pair of gemstones don’t match perfectly. But that’s what makes these stones one of a kind! They resemble the beautiful happenings within the Earth. The layers created over millions of years that created our beautiful blue marble home can be seen in beautiful effect within ribbon turquoise. And the fabulous pink and black rhodonite pendant makes you question what earth tones really are. These one of a kind gemstones are mini picture pockets of our planets mysterious and exquisite inner workings. Have a piece of wonder on your finger, your neck, your ears, and watch everyone marvel and stare.

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