Our Five Must Have Pieces

June 24, 2016

Queen Elizabeth would say she couldn’t live without her crowns. Cal from Titanic was willing to kill for the Heart of the Ocean he’d gifted to his now ex- fiancé Rose. Batman’s father died trying to defend the pearls he’d bought for his wife. These were serious must have jewels that characters, though fictional, represent the weight jewels can have. The lightest purest pearls can carry such sentimental weight and value, that you don’t want to let them go under any circumstances. Of course that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. And though jewelry can have incredibly value life is priceless. But we want to talk about a key word. MUST HAVES.

Five must have jewels that mean a lot to us and find to be essential parts of our accessory wardrobe. Must have pieces are the ones you have a hard time allowing others to borrow, their the pieces that are love at first sight, pieces that have always been true and faithful under various occasion and events to make you feel confident and stylish. There are a lot of must haves out there for all the different personalities and styles, but we have a few that we personally love to have in in our treasure chests.

blue stone necklace


First up, a splash of color . This pieces is a striking conglomerate of fascinating artistic expression by both the hands of a crafter and Mother Nature. The stones colors are a mixture of colors as serene and majestic as the sea and sky, if you look closely it looks a lot like a clip of the globe. The mixture of metals couples with the stylish cut of the stone and the brilliant swish of colors, make this a must have piece.


Diamond studs . Classical. Traditional. Effortlessly royal. A pair of diamonds studs is always a bright options for any outfit. They are quickly interchangeable with just about every outfit, from the Met Gala to a bikini for Tahiti. Kim Kardashian may have wrongly brought such expensive diamond studs to their watery family vacay, but stylish Kim K knew what we know as well, diamonds are a girls best firned and diamond studs are always a yes for style.

crystal necklace
Another must have is this dainty crystal necklace . It’s easy to pair up with various other accessories and make sure your outfit of the day, or night, is made to look like you could pick out a charming outfit with your eyes closed.


Next up must have is a golden piece with a gathering of colors . These types of rings, made in beautiful example by artists like Fanny, Communion, and Megan Thorne, are perfect rings to wear alone or stacked and sided by other eye catching pieces. If a ring could be a complete outfit these rings would be it. They have the color, the design, and the details wanted in what we call a minimalist statement piece.
And finally our last must have is a pair of drop earrings . This pair is one of our favorite. With the speckled gray shade these earrings are easily a classy addition to your trove. Drop earrings and their dangling baubles that dance gracefully have a feminine quality all their own that make them a must have for evenings out and special occasions.




Sometimes it can be hard to get all the jewels that you want, but if you find some of these must have pieces, you’ll have accessories that can be stretched beautifully from outfit to outfit day in and night out.

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