Birthstone: June Pearl

June 30, 2016

We didn’t want to end the month of June without giving a proper recognition to one of our favorite stones, which just happens to be the birthstone of the month! And that is…drumroll please….PEARL! We’ve gushed and gawked enough at this stone because of its heartwarming inherent beauty. Unlike all other gemstones forged in mines and quarries, pearls are birthed from the ocean. Many people have dreamt of opening up an oyster to find a precious stone inside. A stone to mention, that is formed by a foreign object getting lodged inside the mollusk! It then coats it to stop the irritation, and unknowingly creates something beautiful. It’s really rather poetic. To think, something so exquistite comes from something so simple, like sand, found by the billions on our planets many beaches! And because of this stones method of production –the body of an actual living creature—pearls, valuable pearls, are difficult to find and cherished when they are.
The most precious pearl is perfectly round and smooth. Thousands of mollusks must be fetched and opened to find even one wild pearl. However cultured pearls, made from mollusks with a bit of human intervention, have a beauty all their own and are still highly valued. It must have been a rather mesmerizing discovery to find these breathtaking stones sitting prettily inside a mollusk. An entity that was probably a common food source, but suddenly was shot up to be a product of immense monetary value. To open one up and find not just food, but instead something smooth and glowing and somewhat magical, it is no surprise that out of all the stones pearl, was chosen to be used as a birthstone.
For centuries the pearl has been associated with something rare and admirable. It is the finishing touches of a royal crown, was used to bring clothing from plain to poignant, and is a stone that, due to it’s iridescent surface, is a perfect match for any skin tone. Pearls are one of our favorite stones and a top pick for any season, rain or shine!
June is the month of the pearl, and we wanted to put these beauties on showcase before we flip over to July and find ourselves surrounded by ruby red. So take a glance at these lovely creations and fall in love with pearl all over again.









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