Summer Fun with Bruml Designs

June 30, 2016

Beach trips, floating down rivers, road trips cross country, over seas travel. These are all common sought after endeavors for summer. Bright blues, greens, red, pink and lavender, these are the colors that pop into place as well. So if you’re looking for jewels that will seamlessly mesh into your summer wardrobe, than Bruml Designs are just waiting to be selected. Bruml focuses on clean lines and simplicity, focusing on the beauty of nature’s gifts: precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Amy Bruml is inspired by natural shapes and spaces, the types of things you’ll find on your trip across country, or traveling to the old worlds abroad. There are many hidden spaces and wonders that are just waiting for you to discover, and these are what move the creative soul of Amy Bruml. With a look at her designs you’ll instantly notice how easily you can digest the beauty of her pieces. Simple drop earrings of a gold hook and gem, are instant classics and will shoot your outfit up to a ten. Slip any of these babies on when you’re out on one of your excursions, or even to a simple barbeque, and you’ll always be a poster of style.

Bruml’s designs are also unique in their cut and selection. Both are done by hand and therefore create pieces that are wholly individual and unique. The simplicity in these designs compensates for anything that might be wanting. It’s the simple nature of these jewels that makes you want to pair these with everything from evening gown to itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini. Whatever you wear, just know you’ll be dazzling, taking cue from the summer sun.

Don’t be afraid to be daring. Don’t’ be afraid to always go in style if you want. No one’s opinion matters but your own. And if you want to look elegant wherever you go or you want to take off the jewels and show off your skin, so be it!


But first take a look at Bruml designs and maybe you’ll find your summer go-to piece!














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