Bespoken Jewels from Jennifer Dawes Designs

July 6, 2016

Jennifer Dawes was formed by the spark that started in the mind of a craving and creative 18 year old girl. Jennifer Dawes was introduced to metalsmith materials – brass, steel, gold, silver, platinum, etc – and she knew what it was she wanted to do. It wasn’t easy, but her success is plain to see in the many that come fingers first to get their hands on her stunning and conscientious designs. After a lot of blood sweat and tears –possibly glittering with gemstone dust—she made a name for herself. And now years later Jennifer Dawes has turned into a family of designers that all share a common goal, a common love. Jennifer Dawes creates her jewels with a mind for those who are working in earnest, and striving with all their might to make a positive difference in their own lives, their community, and much more.










Jennifer Dawes



These designs are a clear marker of a skilled craftsman. It’s no surprise since Jennifer made it her life’s mission to become a metal smith, a crafter of daring darling designs, fine jewelry that any jewelry lover would be happy to obtain. Jewelry that is perfect for those who crave the clean and sustainable but also the beautiful and bold. There are shelves and racks full with jewelry out there ripe for the taking in both the physical and web wide world. However, Jennifer Dawes is a solid example of one of the exemplary designers out there making a name for herself… her and her talented team. Purchasing jewelry doesn’t have to be a hard complicated ordeal, but it doesn’t hurt to look into who or what is behind the gems that you wear. A lot goes into making such precious jewels —or very little— and it’s interesting to find out what it is! But for future reference, Jennifer Dawes is a sure fire pick if we’re looking for jewels well made with body, mind, and spirit.

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