Julez Bryant, Coastal Classic Design

July 10, 2016


Here’s a full work up of some of the JB teams hand skills. These were made by them. Hand made! These magnificent gemstones coupled with the skillfully welded metals are a recipe for some finger tingling sensations. As you can see JB doesn’t choose just any stones, and we’re happy to see it in store.


All we need to say is…start stacking. You might find rose gold is your new favorite after you start scrolling and searching through JB’s treasure trove.


Beautiful fringe with the added benefit of a serious shimmer problem, is a problem we’d like to own. When you don’t even need diamonds to sparkle you know you have a winner. But these dazzling diamond rings, in striking shapes, are a major plus.


Sleek lines make an appearance to give a more modern feel with these rings, but the added texture giving a raw feel, and the clustered vintage-esque diamonds, is why Julez Bryant is making her way in the world. The shine of the diamonds also ensures that the sense of luxe is not lost on us.


Another example of Julez Bryant’s designers talent with balance and rose gold. A blend of two different beauties.

Triple stack of diamonds balanced on one bar of gold, it’s not going to be easy to say no. With these bar shaped diamonds, you have a classic stone in a ‘trendy’ pattern, perfect for the ball or the bar.


A play on common shapes is what makes Julez Bryant designs seem so effortlessly cool. She takes the simple and makes it outstandingly fabulous.

JB makes stacking look easy, because with her jewels it is. Collections are well thought out and all her designs pair perfectly with one enough with an incredibly individualistic flair.

What’s better than a bouquet of flowers, a flower made of beautiful white diamonds. These have to be one of my favorites! The diamonds are a perfect carat, cut, and size, so that the glimmer doesn’t detract from the design. The center stone is brilliant step up though, which makes this a great match for a non traditional engagement ring. Yes, please!


Get fitted with this mini rack of pretty colored jewels.

This beautiful campaign of luxe designs was birthed a decade ago by a woman who felt the pressing inspiration from our world’s enchantments hidden in plain sight. Then and now, inspiration rushes in and pours out with the sweet metallic tinkle of endless finely forged jewels. Jules Bryant may no longer be the solo skillful Julez, but her vision has continued, spread, risen, and found its place among the notable sought after designers of the jewelry world.
Rose gold is a happy favorite of mine. And we are eternally grateful that Jules Bryant not only loves the stuff as well, but is creative master with it! It’s easy to see why she’s gained popularity. Her photos are constantly smothered with likes and love. Her designs are timeless, yet entirely relevant to the current style. Julez finds inspiration from the silhouette of a mountain, or the complexity and grit of an urban city scape. No matter where you look in her collections, you’re sure to find something that makes you feel a little swoony.
A play on shapes, tempering with texture, finely selected jewels in smooth colors, and timeless style never lost in the process. Hand crafted and diligently designed, no shortcuts are taken with these effortlessly cool jewels that are a perfect blend of past and present, nature and man-made. Rose gold has come into prominence within the last decade, and you can find it anywhere. But these hand maidens are all a good choice. Beautiful balance –seen in a thick rose gold cuff countered by a single dazzling off place stone –is common place mastery seen throughout Julez Bryant designs.

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