Naturally Custom by Franny E

July 21, 2016








Raw beauty, roughly alluring. Words that come to mind when you take a glance at Franny E fine jewelry. Franny developed a keen sense of artistic intuition for jewelry around the age of fifteen. She opened up her own boutique with creations she’d carefully produced with her burgeoning teenage mind—blown glass beads. So it’s not a wonder that a few years later shew as accepted into the Alberta College of Art and Design. Then later, after a fine mixture of study and personal growth, her pieces have become durable refined creations with a sublime quality about them that speaks to the powerful coupling of natural talent and discipline.
If you like pieces that are defining, separate from the rest and speak to the wearers character or values, than these pieces are for you. Franny uses select metals and stones to ensure her jewels selective qualities. These pieces are custom made, you can choose your jewels. Check out the many precious and semi-precious gemstones on this fine feline. The metals are alloyed, not your average silver and gold, and given this hammered old world look. You’ll be walking around feeling like a warrior princess in no time.
Franny is a procurer of many adornments: rings, earrings, necklaces. But today we have a particular fascination with bracelets, especially cuffs. Franny makes them in limited qualities and by request with the skill and love of a child’s excitement and a matured eye for design. We love the speckled shades found in the hammered metals, the singular beauty found in hand crafted designs, the rich eye grabbing colors –bright and brilliant, deep and rich, silky smooth—or even the fluid and thoughtful designs used to place them.
We love how easily these can be matched with evening wear, an afternoon out, or to wear around the house and simply feel fabulous. Franny effortlessly mixes texture and design, while also focusing meticulously on the placement of each and every segment of the piece. The design falls together naturally with Franny’s gift and strict belief in unique custom design. We love the ‘been through the ringer’ look blended with an openly alpine measure of skill and eminent tier gems and metals. Franny E is a master and commander of pioneering individualistic gemstones that reflect her personality and beliefs, respectable and relatable, that in turn give us delicate and worthy jewels to choose from.
So if you want jewels that are durably exquisite, daintily rough, unrefined sophistication, Franny E understands what you’re searching for and makes them available, eager for your insight and contribution to the creation. You can find her creations globally, but you can also find them right here at Eliza Page.

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