See the Spoils of the New York Market

July 28, 2016

We believe our clients love shopping with Eliza Page because of the wide variety of jewelers we carry. Alongside Eliza Page designs are numerous talents from all across the globe! From Cali to France, we’re honored to house designers that share both a love of jewelry and a stark appreciation of the world from which our jewelry materials are gathered. Here at Eliza our shelves have permanent dwellers, and those who seek a fitting home—even if it’s temporary—where their jewels will feel safe and respected, viewed by those with the same vision and desire.

The New York Marketplace accomplishes this on an even larger scale—-because c’mon, it’s New York City. We admire their creation of a cultured event where talent, skill, and a heart for jewels are proliferous amongst the many vendors that come from all over to participate. Our very own Eliza Page representative and dedicated jewelry lover, Elise, attended this event and by now her eyes are probably all aglow from the booths full of lovely and inspiring inventions. Plus, some of our own darling designers were there as well. Halleh Jewelry, and Julez Bryant, to name a few.

At the New York market there is more room to strut your stuff and show off your best pieces, much like a trunk show. The holy grail of trunk shows. Hundreds of vendors across a span of a few days? Yes please. And these pictures are a few of the beauties that were found amongst the gorgeous sprawl of gems, both of which are designers that can be found here at Eliza Page.

Crude Beauty

copper and silver bracelets and necklace

Chic Fantasia


Royal Decadence


Mixed Marvels


The New York Market provides a setting to find all these styles, to make your own. So if you hear about a jewelry convention? Go! Check out what they have in store. You’re bound to be pleasantly surprised and may walk away with a consolation prize for trying out something new: a beautiful new piece of jewelry. And since we love a beautiful jewelry experience, you can find these styles at Eliza Page as well. A home for the traditional, the unorthodox, alternative, innovative, and more. Just check out our shelves for yourself!

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