Drop Dead Gorgeous Earrings

July 31, 2016

Ever been hypnotized? Well you will be soon. In hypnotics there’s some sort of object at the end of some length of chain, being rocked back and forth, back and forth. It’s your ability to focus solely on this object and this object alone, that brings you into a state of hypnosis. It’s also for this reason that we enjoy drop earrings. These particular style of earrings consists of a latch, beneath which the design is attached, whether it is a single pearl, or a ladder of silver hoops connected to one another. Because of their dangling personality, they have an innately feminist quality to them that gives a girly accentuation to any outfit of your choosing. Romper? Wedding dress? T-shirt and jeans? Yoga pants and cami? You name it, it works.
Drop earrings give room for design expansion. So if you like a lot of detail, you’re sure to find it amongst the ranks of drop earrings. Unlike the limited space of the ear lobe, drops have ‘what lies beneath’ to create breathtaking displays of jewelry artisan. Here designers can build downwards in the most progressive and exquisite fashion. It’s a lot like a pendant for the ear! And drops can be just as varying as studs, with designers able to attach any kind of beading, metals, or gems to the latches as they please. And the way drops highlight the neck and jawline isn’t unwanted attention either.
Drop earrings tend to dangle and sway with any sudden movement, causing them to glitter and sparkle even more than their static counterparts. They easily catch the light, and the eye, of bystanders and jewelry lovers alike because of their ‘detachment.’ The latch from which they dangle makes them more readily exposed and open for surveillance. And admit it, when we buy something we love, we kind of hope others will see and appreciate it too.
For a while I had been wearing only studs and hoops—from basic silver studs to bracelet size hoops. But then I found a pair of heart shaped drop earrings, with a black onyx stone in the middle, and I fell in love. Something about the dainty slope of the latch, the way the heart swayed lightly back and forth, seemed incredibly precious. And I’ve been stacking up on my drop earrings ever since. These beauties are some examples of why drop earrings hold such esteem, and if you find yourself wanting more, check them out here at Eliza Page.












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