A Glimpse at Polly Wale’s Newest

August 5, 2016

It’s been almost two years since we did our last post on the bespoke designer. Of course many of her pieces have been mentionables in a choice number of our previous posts. But time has passed, new ideas have been borne, style cultivated, and Polly Wales is popping out heartbreaking raw pieces yet again. Her new gems have a clustered beauty that is breathtakingly beautiful, and in Polly’s words, totally us. Women. We were obsessively fascinated with her unique work when we first crossed paths, and we hold true to that fandom and are doubly amazed and appreciative of the way in which she has built beautifully onto an already acclaim worthy style of design. Her candy colored stones, distinctive  placement style, and precious metals, all collide in an even more glamorous, nostalgic, and couture manner.

Personally, I’ve always loved the bright pops of color in Polly’s work, protruding forth like we’ve stumbled upon some ancient runes…truly mesmerizing. Something about the color scheme screams ‘Rainforest’, but also lathers us in such an air of sophistication stemmed from the obvious skill needed to produce such ethereal beauties. She’s effortlessly moved up tiers by holding true to her values and mission to make pieces that are pure and honest to the earth they came from and to the women that wear them. Polly believes in the honest, natural beauty, not the falsified gleaming that tends to be used to lure in the buyer.Shes’ a fan of the unashamedly imperfect. Gems are placed without precision but with the aesthetic goal of producing something that represents a striking quality of women, and life: beautiful unpredictability. If you take a look at each piece, there may be similar gems, but they all possess that hint of individuality as well. Those little traits that are a sign of craftsmanship, like freckles. But here it’s Polly ensuring your piece is like you, not like everything else.

Just check out the layers of color and stones, the flecks and drops of beautiful gold use to create a rough texture. Polly Wales is a force to be reckoned with, as precious has the materiel she molds. She has found her niche but doesn’t allow it to limit her. She especially loves creating wedding pieces where she can work with the idea of love. A hard to pin down multi faceted thing, it’s the perfect avenue for her. She also professes her admiration of how women actually wear their jewelry, (something I never really considered) how it moves her into transforming the pieces she makes for us. If you find yourself in possession of a Polly Wales piece, shaped and molded to represent the natural beauty we all hold, we can guarantee your jewelry standards won’t be the same.

wales wales2

Look at all those jewels…wales4 wales5 wales6 wales7

Rose Cut Encrusted Half Shield Ring $7900


Ourika Teardrop Shield Ring $9900wales9 wales10 wales11

Rainforest Rainbowwales13 wales14
If you’re wondering, one of the most important qualities of Polly Wales work—besides her innate talent—is the use of free setting her stones. She uses no casting or preformed molds. If you check out her Instagram page you’ll frequently see the hashtag “cast not set.” In other words, what you’re seeing was created free form, needle and thread versus sewing machine. Though both have their positive traits, the use of a needle allows for a more personal touch. All of the designers we swoon over hand craft their designs, but free setting takes this quality to the next level. In a sense, it gives you more free reign for grand experimentation. And we think Polly Wales has done a righteous job at it. When you’re working on an art piece, the less you focus on what it should look like, the better. Working without a cast does just this. And we’re in love with it.

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