Elizabeth Cole: New @ Eliza Page

August 18, 2016

Many people find themselves at the crossroads of wanting to stand out, but being drawn in by the styles and trends of the day. There isn’t a problem with either, really. But if you’ve struggled to find that line of what’s hot, and what’s also inspiring, you can look no further. Elizabeth Cole—founded by the delightful Stephanie Owens –is a perfect match for your search for the daring and doable. Elizabeth’s pieces are eye-catching, Oscar worthy, but they’re meant for every day. Perfect! Handcrafted by jewelry artisans from all over, Elizabeth Cole pieces have a significant artistry attached that just makes you want to dress up. And even if that isn’t enough for you, the precious materials they’re made with, mixed with a meticulous selection process, makes these jewels one of a kind. And we’re definitely not the only ones noticing Cole’s gift. But we know there is so much out there, beauty bombarding you right and left. Which is why we want to take the time to showcase some of Cole’s jewels. We’ve put them on display on our shelves, and their glittering and ready for the taking.

Inspired by romantic landscapes and the power of optimism and ambition, Elizabeth Cole pieces represent strength and beauty. Progressive designs and obvious femme finesse, Cole keeps us ladies looking fierce without taking away the soft sophistication that makes us so unique. Chunky cable necklaces, turquoise stones encased in halos of crystals locked with blades of glass, a steele choker fixed with Swarovski crystals. Striking blends like this make Elizabeth Cole a go-to for many of the starlets that we know and love. She’s constantly requested for runway shows, fashion shoots, galas, catalogues, and more.

Any of these pieces will mesh seamlessly into the trove of jewels you use to get ready each day. Whether you’re a seasoned jewelry collector or just beginning your own compilation, these designs are a perfect addition. They are designed according to brilliance, size, and cut, reacting with light to highlight the body and give any look a polished finish. So, if you’re wondering if you’ll wear it? Many times, yes. If you’re questioning whether it could be a good gift? Triple yes. The school year is starting, the summer is ending, that great season of gift giving is moving together quicker than you think. Find these designs and others like them at Eliza Page, West 2nd Street. We’d be happy to help you shop!

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Gold Crystal Kassidy Bracelet: $350cole9 cole10

Gold Studded Ball Cuff: $383cole11

Gold Jarret Fringe Necklace : $168cole12

Gold Crystal Frankie Cuff: $170

Gold Double Braided Bracelet: $383


Gold Caldwell Chain Necklace: $273

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