Kataoka Showcase

September 7, 2016

Platinum Snowflake Diamond Bracelet

Paraiba Diamond Ring – $4,890

Rose Gold Seven Stone Diamond Ring – $2,780

Pearl Diamond Ring – $2,480

Emerald Pearl Necklace – $1,780


Diamond Snowflake Cluster Ring – $4,680

Paraiba Diamond Ring – $5,680

Yellow Quartz Diamond Ring – $2,580


Paraiba Tourmaline Emerald Diamond Ring – $1,980
Diamond Ruby Ring – $1,780



Rose Bar Diamond Ring – $3,680
Diamond Sapphire Aquamarine Ring – $3,680
Paraiba Diamond Ring- $5,980

We’re in love with these delicate designs. Crystallized cuts of beauty inspired by nature. Kataoka has always been diligent with his pursuit of elegance, simplicity, and excitement. A goldsmith and artist, Kataoka has managed to place beauty into pocket sized punches. His creations take point from the dexterous beauty found in his own culture, and the beautiful commonalities of life all over. Timeless and innovative, Kataoka ensures us pieces with brazen mastery and festivity.

Kataoka takes care in his use of precious jewels. Pearls, diamonds, and rubies are a common sight among Kataoka’s finished products, alongside special stones like tanzanite, amethyst and tourmaline. These jewels have an ancient regality but a modern finish, leaving us with heirlooms of luxe and class. We particularly love the effects of having a goldsmith for a jewelry designer. Katoaka does such exquisite detailing with the gold, cultivating pieces that are more artistry than accessory.

Kataoka has never failed us with his meticulous design and sublime loyalty to visually defining a better way of living. Life with shiny titillation and simple pleasures. These jewels are a herald to celebrated craftsmanship and guarantee that your fingers will never have a dull moment again.

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