Earring Soiree with Zoe Chicco

September 15, 2016

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Zoe Chicco credits her inspiration by everything around her, including art, fashion, and friends. We think this is why her pieces are so perfectly relatable yet engrossed with a sense of sophistication and refinement. Chicco’s collection is a pleasing mix of gold paired with precious and semi-precious stones. This premier alignment has brought her a cult gathering of celebrities and trendsetters alike. Though we have a fervor for all metal smith materials, gold is easily rated as the most lavish metal, and Zoe Chicco’s collection dresses this champion up in the smartest and stylish ways.

Pearls, diamonds, the crème de la crème and all in such a delicate manner that won’t simply wash away with time. Her beauties are created in house by a team of diligent and talented artisans all with a heart for Chicco’s vision. These jewels are meant to speak to the day, and also the years to come, by remaining significantly simple enough to inspire, but with a creative dedication that doesn’t ignore the beauty of our time.

And we’re especially riveted by her talent to beautify our ears! Her pieces are versatile yet all with the same pulsing brand of luxe. From back charms to shields, to bars and hoops, Zoe Chicco gives us an abundance of prime singular options that can go it alone, or be paired to make a stunning ensemble that seems effortlessly chic! With such evident class that can easily be transferred over to any kind of style (grunge, boho, urban) it’s no wonder that Zoe has gathered such a following for her preciously made treasures.

Zoe Chicco is an eastern born designer. A woman whose talent has allowed her jewels safe passage all across the country, and the globe! Her pieces, though slight and delicate, are durable collections that are now welcomed in over 200 stores across the U.S and internationally. Her use of sumptuous metals and stones is a catch all for those who prefer to buy product with substance but also aren’t afraid to flirt with the trends as well.

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