Turquoise and Opal in Eliza Page Newbies

September 25, 2016






The new Eliza Page collection is a conglomerate of precious and unique stones. Incandescent opal, rich diamonds, and intense turquoise come together, fitted into smooth golden casts to make a smorgasbord of gently eclectic jewels. These rich stones and metals are delicately designed to create of-the-moment pieces that are easily worn paired or solitaire. Turquoise, an intense blue, is paired with bluer hued opal stones to create a dazzling display of oceanic treasures. The diamond and gold accents give that hint of luxury and thought you crave in your jewels without causing a ruckus.
Turquoise was mined by pre-Columbian Native Americans using stone tools. Its raw and tribal qualities make pairing it with sophisticated diamonds the perfect merging of time and style. Opal is a wonderland of glimmering colors, its vibrant array meshing easily with golden accents. Cool and soft colors are easy to pair with other jewels and clothing. And adding diamonds makes sure these gems will add effortless radiance to your ensemble. Eliza Page is dedicated to a whole beautiful experience, so we put the same vision into our pieces. Turquoise and opal are eclectic choices and diamonds add that traditional brilliance without going over the top with lux. We love using uniquely shaped stones and nontraditional placement and this collection is a smooth coalition of these techniques.
So if you’re looking for jewels that jump over that fence of tradition without barreling into the yard of avant garde, this new Eliza Page collection is a sweetly colored display of nontraditional chic.

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