Having Fun in Marcia Moran

September 30, 2016

Glittering gold is always a surefire way to make a statement. Linked golden pieces, drop earrings, and pre stacked rings take that golden shimmer to the next level.

mm2 Gunmetal, pretty stones, and dark wood are a thoughtfully unlikely combo that creates a boho chic earring. (Note: The stone posts are removable and can be worn alone!)

Marcia has us falling in love with wood. It’s skilled carpentry for your body!


This smooth grey pieces are a sweet neutral style that are easily paired with other jewels. But also striking enough to wear alone.

Organically cut in cool colors, these stones are delicately held with simple cubic zirconia bars to create a graceful and stunning pair.

The decorative ends of these bangle bracelets are perfectly sweet! Each side is just as pretty as the other.

These howlite pieces remind us of the marble columns used to make majestic Rome! Find your own legacy like piece and walk around like a goddess.

These deep blue stones are a rich contrast to their golden casts and are easily luxurious pieces with a delicate flair.

The vibrant stones of this three tiered ring are festive and chic, perfect for those who have fun with class.

These swoon worthy pieces are Marcia marvels. Light stones in creatively delicate designs, accented with shimmery stones, you’ll be fitted with finesse.

The subtle beauty of stone coloration, mixed with light and striking decoration, sparkling accents, with the added benefit of unique design, are what make Marica Moran one of our boutique staples. Her designs are skillfully frivolous with a solid foundation of pure feminine beauty. Marcia Moran strives to dress us up and have us feel pretty without appearing pretentious. These jewels are lovable and festive, chic and intuitively girly. Check out Marcia Moran if you want pieces that will make you feel gorgeous inside and out.

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