Gemstone Mania by Jamie Joseph

October 7, 2016

Some people just make it way too easy to lather them with compliments. Jamie Joseph does just that. She finds amazing gemstones and turns them into even more amazing pieces of jewelry! Just take a look at these stones. There’s too many to name them all, but they’re all beautiful. And having so many means there are more possibilities you’ll find one that fits you perfectly. Whether it’s tanzanite, chrysopase, tourmaline, jasper, or many more. Just check them out. Jamie Joseph says ‘gemstones are the heirlooms and geological legacy of this planet.’ Couldn’t have said it better! It’s part of the magic of jewelry making. You get to work with the inners of our miraculous planet. You have the earths most dazzling heirs sitting lightly on your fingers. And if that isn’t a staggering reason to check out all the different options, the various colors and rock formations that create these stones will mesmerize you for sure. Take a look.

These are perfect for anyone who sways towards a more minimalistic style. You have all the gorgeous stone in slender delicate pieces.

These stones are rich and full. And the chuncky black bracelets, with mini golden cuffs and jeweled embellishment, have Greek goddess written all over them.

Opal is on the left, shades of tourmaline are on the right. Could you choose?

Jamie’s quip about gemstones is shown plain and true right here. This beautiful brigade is a stunning example of how brilliantly variant gemstones are! Diamonds constantly get the pomp and circumstance (and rightfully so) but these beauties are just so rich in stellar quality, it’s too much not to have them all.

Vibrant shades with a golden glow make these beauties luxurious eye candy.

You have to stop and give respect to this incredibly unique oceanic jasper and think, underground formations formed this breathtaking beauty, and now you can wear it on your finger.

Gold and diamonds make a shadowy display here. This organic style diamond laced with hammered gold is a rough lux that won’t go out of style.

jamie8 Moonstone and more moonstone! An underlying rainbow shimmer makes these eclectic stones totally mesmerizing. It’s no surprise people believe they have spiritual powers.

Jamie Joseph not only finds amazing stones but cuts and casts them in such unique ways. Having the stone alone would be an accomplishment. But wearing them in such skillfully crafted design intensifies their beauty.

Jasper has to be one of our favorites. There are just so many variations. And the inlays look as if they could be displayed in the MET. This is the same stone as a that burst of pink and green in the ring up above. So whether you like bright and light, or prefer the dark and posh tones, jasper is your new best friend.

We spoke of this magical gem in the intro. Chrysopase. It’s name comes from the greek words for gold and green. And if you just happen to look up a picture of Greece and one of it’s many beaches, you won’t be surprised why.

These nature like displays within the agate are actually inclusions of iron and manganese. It doesn’t get any more obvious that stones are mini representation of nature than this and that nature, is the essence of art.

This Australian opal is perfectly pretty. Opals color concentration can come in many forms, but this pink and purple beauty is an outright stunner.



This is just a glimpse into the wonderful world of Jamie Joseph creations. These jewels are each magnificent in their own right. Precious and semi-precious stones that have to be pulled from the earth in order for you to use them. We call those resources, and their limited. Gemstones take years to form, and we’re grateful that we get to be in the business of hanging out with them and dressing them up. We don’t make them prettier, we just accentuate their beauty, and even their flaws.

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